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  1. Thanks for the suggestions guys, there's probably a Haynes manual holed away somewhere Ian. Hopefully we'll be able to get it out of the garage soon to inspect it and take some pics! Cheers.
  2. Thanks guys, appreciate the advice. Will definitely be cleaning out the entire fuel system when it comes to it. Interested in your carb suggestion Trooker. Would the Weber have any impact on reliability or is it just to get a bit more power? Adam
  3. Hi Ian, Thank you for your reply 🙂. If the 1600 L is scarce maybe it would be more popular at car shows than we previously thought! We're hoping the car is fairly rust free as I'm told my Grandpa would care for it quite meticulously e.g. painting old oil onto the undercarriage to prevent rust. However we have not laid eyes on it in a number of years so could be worse than we imagine. He was still running leaded fuel before it went into storage and we were wondering if the fuel system will need purging like normal or if we can get away with it. I suppose we will likely get hardened valve seats installed to run normal petrol also. As you said hopefully we can get a solid plan together and the parts we need so we know what to do before we start. Cheers, Adam
  4. Hello everyone, hope you are all well. I have recently been researching the Cavalier Mk1 and more often than not mantaclub was appearing in the google search results so I thought this would be a good place to come for some advice. My Grandpa passed a few years ago and left behind a Cavalier Mk1 1600L manual, it's probably been sat in the garage around 5-10 years. I have been talking with my Dad about taking some time off post-lockdown to get it back on the road either as a car to take to shows or maybe to daily drive, provided we could increase the reliability. We've been thinking about swapping out the engine for something slightly newer e.g. the CIH 1.9E/2.0E for a little power boost/better reliability (injection and electronic ignition). From what I can see online, however, is that these are difficult to get hold of, particularly in a condition where we could just drop it in rather than going through a whole overhaul. My dad has also hinted at sinking some money into a V8 and full drivetrain swap although I'm guessing that would require significant modifications. Would also be nice to get a 5-speed box but I'm reluctant to start cutting up the tranny tunnel. Unfortunately we both have busy lives and no workshop space so would have to hire out a space for 2-3weeks for this project. Maybe it would be enough of a challenge just to get it running again in it's current state and fix any inevitable problems in that time frame. We're both engineers so not afraid to get stuck in (Dad used to work on Triumphs back in the day) but have no experience with the Cavalier. Anyway, long post, any opinions/upgrade suggestions are greatly appreciated. I believe the car is stock ATM apart from the custom air-con system Grandad put in and an electric fan (He was also an engineer!) Cheers, Adam.
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