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  1. There’s some good work there Ry. Are you keeping to original colour?
  2. Thanks Alex, I’ve seen that one and thought the same about the price especially when you add delivery from Germany. Mind you it does have an nice centre cap that’s probably worth a few quid. Perhaps I’ll make him an offer. Thanks.
  3. Thanks Chris - I’ll take a look. 👍
  4. Thanks Jess, I’m in no hurry so i can hang on and someone might come up with some better ones or they may be nearer to Winchester 🤞
  5. Does anyone have or know where I can locate nearside and offside door skins? Thank you.
  6. Can anyone help me locate a Rostyle wheel 5J ET37? I need the one like this. Thank you.
  7. Can anyone help me locate an ATS wheel 13” 6J ET30? I need the one like this. Thank you.
  8. Can anyone help me locate a NSF mud flap for a 1980 Manta? I need the one with the Opel badge like this. Thank you.
  9. Try heating the caps in some boiling water or with a hairdryer (I expect you’ve got one to go with your dress making scissors) 😂
  10. If your knuckles aren’t bleeding you’re not doing it right 🩸
  11. I love modern tech hidden behind the original facade.
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