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  1. If I plug the ecu into my laptop the live adjustments page says the temperature is 90 deg which I thought was okay but the gauge is in the red! I think the gauge may be playing up.
  2. What is the normal operating temperature for an unmodified cih engine? The Manta gauge usually hovers just above half way but I don’t know what this is in degrees centigrade.
  3. She looks nice @Jessopia74👍. What’s wrong with the wheels? I never had a Monza but did have a Royale Coupe (LLB 500V) I always wondered what happened to her.
  4. Sounds like a perfectly acceptable timescale.
  5. I assumed the base map was to enable you to start up and run the car and not much else. If I’m wrong about that please let me know. Ideally I’d like to make sure it drives around okay and nothing falls off, gets caught, melted or is so badly out of balance the whole trip becomes an expensive waste of time. If it’s okay to drive on the base map I’ll put some miles on over the next couple of weeks and give her a few good shakedown runs to settle everything in.
  6. Welcome @Metalbasher . It looks like you’ve already done a lot of the hard work.
  7. I hear what you’re saying @Manta hatchbut I was already worried about my 20 minute drive to Portsmouth - AP Race Engines sounds the bussiness but they’re just too far away.
  8. It sounds really interesting - Which model TVR?
  9. See if you can message me with attach photos and I’ll upload them for you.
  10. My Manta is currently running on a base map and needs a proper set up on a dyno. (Emerald ECU) I’ve never done this before and need to know what are the essential things to ask for and other desirable things that are worth considering if I can afford it. I assume you pay for the knowledge of the guys and the time you’re actually on the rolling road.
  11. No visible reg so you can’t check even the recent history.
  12. Click on the confused face and it will show you who’s reacted (me) I’m confused about what I was playing at all those years ago changing the servo for one of the same size.
  13. I used a Golf one due to it being smaller. Since then I welded a “dish” into the inner wheel arch and a new front plate into the bulk head and moved the servo further away from the engine. I don’t recall why I went to this much effort; it’s possible the golf one wasn’t man enough and I reverted to the original Manta one or I simply needed even more space.
  14. Yes. Ages. Did other jobs to break up the boredom and just kept going back to it.
  15. Of course it is 🤦‍♂️ Not a kit exactly - I used kitchen scourers on a orbital sander with pink stuff.
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