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  1. I like that too. If my lottery numbers come up tonight I’ll stick in a bid.
  2. I was going to say he was right - there’s no rot because it’s not made of wood, but his description reads no rot or RUST! Maybe he wrote the description 30 years ago and only just got round to posting it recently.
  3. I read that without noticing. 😀
  4. Great photos Herman @H-400 Looks like it was a good meeting with lots of interesting cars.
  5. A little something for the Manta V8 fans. https://share.icloud.com/photos/0XiHCty1_1hY_Sed0OLhZrvgA#Eastleigh_-_Fair_Oak
  6. Welcome Bruce. If you have 30 years experience as a mechanic I will be coming to you for help and advice.
  7. I hope it works. I’ll be interested to see your results. 🤞
  8. My glove box button has also lost its finish. Do you have any plans or are you going to live with it?
  9. Very tidy indeed. Dash looks like new.
  10. Before, during and after please. Hope he can sort you out.
  11. They’re on the way @TheRealExile. Posted this morning.
  12. Posted. 😁 I don’t think I will be “sold out” any time soon. Message me if and when you need them. Sorry @TheRealExilei’ll post yours tomorrow.
  13. They’re not for sale - they are FREE to club members if postage is covered. Anyone who wants a pair send me a pm with your address.
  14. Have you got these bolts now @paulmanta? I’ve got 48 of these if you or anyone else needs them.
  15. A couple of you recognised this gator @Snowy @GTEPETE and probably others. Do you think it will fit the gearshift? The hole diameter would need to be no greater than 37mm diameter. Thanks.
  16. Changed the breather hoses again. Fitted the tank and grommet. Thanks again @mantasrme. Socket set is a good fit between exhaust tunnels 😁
  17. That’s a very generous offer @Jessopia74especially as you will actually need it yourself - even if that is a few years down the line. @MrCarlosmay have a dark tan carpet that would suit my car but if that doesn’t work out I’ll be back in touch.
  18. I don’t want to fit door glass and winders until I have door checks - better access. Roof lining needs to be in before front and back windscreens. Easier to fit dashboard top before front windscreen. Carpet needs to be in before seats. ………. and similar issues under the bonnet but these are V8 related.
  19. It’s never going to be an exact science with so many options at play. The number of permutations is mind boggling. Good luck with whatever you do @Snowy. These forums are a great place to learn, sometimes from other peoples mistakes. Bolting a variety of parts together is always going to be “Trial and Error” after all. So long as all the clearances checkout it shouldn’t go BANG! 🤞 PS. (And disclaimer) I don’t know what I’m talking about.
  20. Thanks Carl - I’ll look out for pics on Thursday.
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