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  1. Thanks Carl. Send me a pm or email with your prices please. You sent me photos of a “very” light tan carpet before and if it’s the same one it’s too light. If you could send me some photos of both that would be great. Thanks.
  2. Thanks 😃. Looks like this company could help with the carpet as well. I’ll call them tomorrow.
  3. I’ve spoken to East Kent Trim but he didn’t seem too keen and needed me to source the material.
  4. Progress is delayed on all fronts. I’m actually at a standstill until I can find the parts below. The following list is in order with the “Highest Priority” first; Roof lining - Tan/Beige and Black or details of a supplier, Dashboard top - Black, Carpets - Black ideally or Tan/Beige, Speedo cable, Rear parcel shelf - coupe, no holes, Door check straps, Door rubber seal - drivers side, lower section, black, Cill chrome trim (both sides but will buy what’s available), Washer bottle - rectangular (needs to be really clean), Thanks for looking. 🤞
  5. Thanks @mantasrme. Ventilation ducting all up together now and fuel tank grommet cleaned up nicely as you said. I found the original within half an hour of fitting the one you sent me. 🙄
  6. You worried me @Jessopia74 but I’ve check too and they’re all like that. The bulge gives spanner/socket clearance on the other side. I’ve put a straightedge across both the old and new and guess what? They’re exactly the same. 😁 The light and the shine just make them look different. Thats an old bush @cam.in.head but its not necessarily the original -it may have been replaced buy a previous owner.
  7. I refurbished a front crossmember a while ago and I’ve just noticed that the braces that run from the crossmember back to the chassis rails are slightly different. Initially I thought they were damaged! Does anyone know; When they changed - which years had each type? Why they changed? Are they interchangeable?
  8. Is that a new roof lining @Kurtupsin75? If it is can I have the suppliers detail please? Thanks.
  9. What an excellent outcome and a very informative post. £20 sounds very reasonable - I’ll drop my tank round to you soon. 😂
  10. Or the entrance of a gentleman’s club. 😉
  11. Does anyone know the hole diameter for this gaitor?
  12. Have you upgraded the dashboard speaker too? It looks like one of these would do the job nicely.
  13. My Son is about the same age Herman and he seems to have a good bunch of mates. They’re always up to something but still look out for each other. We’re very lucky. Hope he recovers quickly. 🤞
  14. Posted. 😁 These are on eBay. Expensive for what they are but they are available. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Trim-Clamps-10-Piece-Mudguard-Door-Side-Panel-Opel-Ascona-B-Manta-/133773110014?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  15. Welcome and good luck with the restoration. I will follow your build with interest.
  16. You want to find the clips if you can. They have tiny little spaces that keep the trim off the bodywork so water and dirt doesn’t get caught behind them. How many clips do you need - I can probably find 4 or 5 and I’m sure others have odd ones knocking around.
  17. Good luck finding check straps - I’ve been hunting high and low. I think the breakers cut through them when removing doors as it’s quicker than unbolting them.
  18. I only have 0.000124miles of usable ducting - that’s why I need some more. 😁
  19. Thanks David, Message me with a price and your bank details. My dash vent is usable but one of the four dividing splines is missing.
  20. Perfect. Thanks @Mickfrad @cam.in.head
  21. Does anyone recognise these? What do they do and where do they go?
  22. These are the bits I’ve got - I can’t find the square 90 degree bends and I’m not sure what’s else is missing. The longer flexi hose at the bottom has been eaten by mice so I need that one and the windscreen diffuser (top right and separate photo) is damaged so could do with that too. Thanks guys 🙂
  23. I’ll take a photo of the ducts I’m after. It’s a Coupe. Thanks @Snowy @mantasrme
  24. To work on the car I need to push it outside and this isn’t possible with so much wet weather. So it’s been slow progress but I’ve managed a few jobs; ~ Front and side trim. Cill strip was damaged and needs repair or replacement so not fitted yet. ~ New door glass seals fitted. ~ Side vents on. ~ Wiper motor body powder coated and mechanism cleaned and painted and all fitted. ~ Petrol tank refurbished. Flushed internally, sprayed satin black externally, new hoses and clips. ~ Door check straps refurbished and refitted. (Not good). ~ Window runners installed. Top portion and wing mirror mounts powder coated. ~ Heater box modified to clear new transmission tunnel. I had to remove the front of the seem weld joining the two halves together. Luckily it’s a full penetration weld so not detrimental to the original heater box. ~ Brake servo and pedal box back in. ~ Sunroof completely dismantled and cleaned. I need to find a new seal if anyone knows a good supplier. ~ Roof aerial refurbed and refitted but still needs replacing as the base has a split in it 😬. ~ Washer jets and new hoses fitted. ~ Some interior temporarily fitted as I still need a black carpet.
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