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  1. Hi, Does anyone know if anywhere in the uk does car mats to fit an Ascona A? Believe Manta A would fit too Thanks
  2. How easy is it to get to the jets on a Weber carb to clean them? I’ve given mine a quick clean with some spray but not to the point of taking jets out. I’ve seen an exploded diagram of the carb and my god there’s a lot of little pieces!
  3. So update on this, pulled the gauze out, gave it a clean but it wasn’t bad at all so compression test Wednesday I think when I fit my new heater valve and refill everything. Had the radiator out today to change the water pump and the oil seal behind the timing cover both had gone. I had oil and water leaks that are now cured. Flushed the radiator out as the water was brown and a hint of oil. I know the wrong head gasket was in it at one point so hope it’s stemmed from that before It was fixed. Also changed the plugs oil and filter while I was at it. Quickly fired it up after and got a worrying amount of blue smoke my garage stunk. Had a head rebuild by the previous owner so im hoping it was just some unburned fuel or something 😬 Noticed a big hole in the backbox so need a new one of those too. Need to set the timing as it’s out and tweak the carb as well and give it a good clean. Seem to be 1 step forward and 2 back at the minute!
  4. Don’t think it’s killed the rings, hope not anyway! With the compression test, any idea what it should be at? I’ll obviously spot if one cylinder is out but be good to know what a good reading should be on these engines thanks
  5. Hi, After the above; Rev counter to replace the clock on the right of my binnacle in a 71 Ascona The ‘S’ badge, believe the correct one is a polished front with red edges? The set of gauges/dials that sit below the stereo on some Manta As and the bits to fit them, surround etc Also after the later B steering wheel, like the one shown in the photo below (ideally in better condition!) Thanks
  6. Thanks for the replies. Will run a compression test next week. The head hasn’t was rebuilt last year so valve stem seals all done etc so hoping not that! The engine was running reasonably sweet when I got it but within the space of 100 miles it’s now running poorly, anything above half throttle and it coughs and splutters as well as developing a couple of oil leaks. One was from the fuel pump the other seems to be from the seal in the timing cover which I’m going to go through next week. I’m going to check the timing and give it a good service too I’ve got new oil plugs filter too. Sounds like it’s the breather gauze then so rocker cover off job unfortunately. Thanks for the help, once I’ve done all the work I’ll let you know if that’s cured it
  7. Hi, On my Ascona A 1.6S I’m finding the car makes the house smell of oil, and I’m getting splats of oil on the underside of the bonnet. I’ve got a breather pipe currently going to a little filter so think I need an oil catch can instead. Has anyone fitted one and any tips/recommendations? The inlet is obvious, but where have you routed the outlet? My car has a Weber carb which I believe is none standard with a k&n filter on top. Thanks in advance
  8. Thanks mate 👍🏻 thanks mate havent done anything with the fuse box as of yet. There’s was a few missing switches and some electrical gremlins so I’ve ordered all the missing bits and I’ve got an auto electrician who’s going to go through it all once I do. I’m then going to make some new carpets and put all them in so I’ll do something with it then. I’m going to build a false back in the boot so I’ve got somewhere to hide oil/tools/jack etc and carpet all that out too and just give it all a good clean and refresh inside. Short term I just want to get it running sweetly and not leaking oil. Mines the earlier 1.6 which doesn’t have the bolts from the head to the timing cover so might be challenge. I’ve got all the gaskets coming and putting a new water pump on as that’s leaking too. I’ve tweaked a few things but need to set the timing and carb up properly. I also want a new set of wheels on it, I’m thinking these Rota BM8s Long term with the car, going to run it as a daily for work, it’s only a couple of miles from my village on quiet roads so should be fine. One rear wheel arch has gone, so in time I want to change that and have the whole car resprayed. There’s a couple of little dents and bits and bobs I’ll do at the same time. I’ve just bought a new house which is a fixer upper so it’s balancing doing the house and the car, whilst keeping the wife from getting too annoyed with me! I would love to do an engine swap for something more fruity in the future too, but with the rarity and low mileage (49k) I’m undecided on that. I’ve always been in to American stuff and hot rods, and I can’t help wondering what it would be like with a small block Chevy under the bonnet! I will probably join the club and hopefully get to some shows to meet you all and see your cars and get some inspiration!
  9. A couple of photo’s now I’ve worked out how to 😂 I’m sure some of you will recognise the car. That’s it with my current daily, a BMW 335d Touring The Opel fits in the garage much easier! Love that front end 👌🏻
  10. Hi, Just picked up a 72 Ascona A 1.6s a week ago and have been on the Facebook group but thought I would join here and say hi! New to Opels and my 1st classic so really excited to have the car and get stuck in. Already had some great help from people on Facebook. Hope to catch some of you at a show once I’ve got some bits done to the car and the worlds back to normal!
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