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  1. The foglight lense pattern not being parallel to the rear bumper/ground would really get to me !!!! That's the way to sell a car - loads and loads of pics. However nothing from underneath, and lots of orange peel in the paintwork so I do wonder if its had a fresh paint within a couple of years and stuff is already starting to come through. Looks lovely.
  2. Am i right in saying that the vectra B plenums are the way i need to go? Its all new to me this vauxhall stuff. Every day's a school day!
  3. Well........this has moved on a bit............only a little bit......but that lump is under 100k and sweeeeet, has a manual box in there too albeit the omega one as far as i know. Will need to source the vectra b plenum and look into it all, but for now, progress is progress. Probably should start thinking about some welding......
  4. PRE 1996 RETRO CARS AND PARTS FOR SALE UK ® THE REAL DEAL 174.000 + MEMBERS (facebook.com)
  5. wasnt exactly suble lol
  6. Of course, no point in more than one of us going insane and running out of tears 😆
  7. I think I have a contact regarding the megasquirt actually. Its all new to me! I had an engine and manual box lined up, drive car home jobby so I would be happy, all was not how it seems however so I may well go with the omega engine thats in a vectra b with vectra induction setup instead. I can source a steel sump/flywheel etc off a scrapper locally.
  8. Out of interest what sort of £££ did the ecu and loom set you back? Appreciate there are mapping/rr costs after of course
  9. thats the box that I have lined up for it, a 240
  10. agreed about the straight six but its a massively heavy lump at the front - one of the things that attracted me to the v6 was how compact it is (could have a party between it and a radiator lol)
  11. Bit of a thread resurrection here - I am in the early stages of sourcing bits to convert a GTE to a v6. Likely donor is either an Omega 3 litre with a manual box, or a vectra with an Omega 3 litre installed (been offered both). I have a getrag 240 gearbox lined up irrespective of which engine so I have options. Do not want to go down the bonnet bulge route. What would you guys say is the better option? I will be nabbing loom/ecu/keys etc however want to retain a fair degree of individuality in the cockpit hence not considering the 3.2 which needs dash to run I believe. I can consider standalone ecu, also dry sump - very open to ideas, albeit the easier the better!!!!!! Thanks guys
  12. I've got a non-sunroof one to go on but thanks Danny
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