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  1. realistically how good are these these 2.4's compared to a standard gte 2 litre?
  2. I must have missed those pics being posted. Just shows how bad a tidy one can be I guess.
  3. That's the actual car that restarted the bug for me after the best part of 30 manta/cavalier coupe less years. Was for sale near where i was born, was on c&c, bloke was hard work, it was/wasnt/was/wasnt for sale. Then disappeared and gone to someone else - the day my brother was going to view to view it someone posted on fb it was his new car, midlands iirc. Those posts disappeared. And here it is. I researched the other night and found some notes online saying it needed sills and both front floors were u/s as well as the normal chassis stuff. No info on roof though. I suspect it to be way worse than it looks.
  4. I have a full gte grey velour interior from a coupe in storage as likely going to stick with the 'burberry' check seats after all. Its all wrapped up but was decent hence i bought. Door cards too i seem to remember.
  5. I have one if nobody else has sorted one
  6. I'm not sure - Vec B was the advice i was given. Why, do you know something I don't? (that wouldn't be hard lol)
  7. Engine and box now on the shelf. Getrag 240 in stock. Omega clutch in stock. Vectra b plenums in stock. Fiat Coupe out of the garage. Suppose I had better think about repairing the fuel lines so I can drive the GTE into said garage and begin the 'long and grinding road' to restore.....
  8. Vectra b plenums are now on my shelf, may have to start actually thinking about stripping the Omega!!!!
  9. The foglight lense pattern not being parallel to the rear bumper/ground would really get to me !!!! That's the way to sell a car - loads and loads of pics. However nothing from underneath, and lots of orange peel in the paintwork so I do wonder if its had a fresh paint within a couple of years and stuff is already starting to come through. Looks lovely.
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