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  1. asabove just the engine without the box please
  2. ide have killed him.....lol metal fab in the engine bay is awesome considered similaire for my own build
  3. i know this is ancient as a thread but love this
  4. so ive been reworking the chassis rails in the end i went for new ones made from a larger diameter box 75x50x3 the angles at 45 degrees as i originally did them wouldnt work in the build on this occasion to sharp of an angle 30 degrees is pretty much cock on
  5. yes mate sure ide rather see them go to use than binned
  6. sorry for the late reply Ian i ddnt get any notifications that you had replied yes they do mate ime in south wales mate near aberdare thats the only pic i have at the moment of them
  7. i have a pair of seats that are goin in the bin mate if it helps
  8. i havent had much chance to do anything the last week or so due to my day job and the fine weather meaning i could crack on and earn a crust
  9. pmsl well i guess we are all getting old i have 3 grandkids but still think ime 21
  10. see that to me just looks like an old mans car lol
  11. when i saw this car back in 2010 it had some rust issues in the roof and he had a new roof skin t be put on i dont think that happened but a paint job and some filler i expect the box section in the chassis is 5mm wall thickness from what i remember the fact it has no inner wings ect doesnt detract for me it has to be motorsport the,ed tho
  12. ifyou can hang on for a bit i will have i have my x memeber in place at the moment to act as a jig for the chassis rail replacement once done i have these two wich are pretty good tbh
  13. thats great thanks.. i have a myford lathe so can turn them up myself
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