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  1. Hey guys : i am in need of the A posts complete including the hinges and the windscreen pillar i have included pics so you can see what i need i have new outer A post cover panels but its the inner section i need i wil remove the outer skin myself and trim to my requirements i just need the panel chopped out of a junker if anyone has anything please inbox me
  2. yes i know about thesva its a last resort will get some pics tomorrow get an advert up in wanted
  3. it has a pop up glass roof i think its always had or was a non sunroof and was converted to sunroof i think whats happened is its had some rot in the lower windscreen pillar corner[bubbling paint] i think water has been let in through pinholes here constantly running in and down the the cavity between the two panels of the A post there plenty of clean steel but plenty of thin pitted steel to and ime not hapy to paint with rust remover or a anti rust paint and slap the outer A post cover on it tho it would probably be good for ten years its not how i like to work i did have a lead on the A post with the roof pillar but hes gone a bit quiet so i dont think he could be bothered to cut out tbh i will deffo put and add in wanted with a pic has to be someone with a unsaveable or shunted shell/car as you can see in the pic the hing is bolted to a stelel frame i wouldnt be going to this extent but its an option for the problem areas at least
  4. so ive come up with a bit of a plan ime thinking of running some 60x40 mm box section along the inner sills [sit inside ] the cavity then at the front behind the door hinge plates weld some 30x30 box section at 90 degrees to the 60x40 the door hinges then welded to this 30x30 so their position cannot move then i can build/remove the rotten panel from around the hinges without them shifting position [ dont fancy that much] the inner A post is heavily pitted and pinholed after cleaning it up with a twisted knot wire wheel and would in my opinion be like a patch work quilt ime trying to get panels from a scrap car but no luck at the moment . i was trawling the projects section after seeing a chap on here by the name of william who has a highly modded manta in the projects section way back ime thinking everything else can be built around this and externaly would look the same with the A post covers welded in place this is a last resort but a definite way out of trouble even if not one for the purists
  5. managed to pick up a manta 400 bonnet on ebay for £23 so thats now a full kit £15 to et it uplifted bargain needs slight repair but thats fine someone fitted an extra scoop the guy also threw in a rear spoiler and also a headlight lense must be something about manta owners pic
  6. it is still available if you know where to look the same as the old proper creosote and it is available to licensed suppliers[not to general punlic though] i have 10ltrs of the stuff if it was as good as i emember or was i looking through rose tinted specs was a long time ago
  7. i think i wil try and get some shell cuts or failing that cut out the panel and fab from 1mm zintec steel deffo the worst part of the car the rest is plain sailing after
  8. yikes up the inside of the A post
  9. so years ago i used this stuff on mini inner cills the car rotted around them but they were still in great shap so anyone elso have experience of it and using the correct ppe would it be suitabe for the underside of the project i now about the health side of things so that doesnt need to be gotten into as using proper ppe its more its suitability and wether its up to the job
  10. are those plastic caps available they were in place but were damaged on removal [perished]
  11. i will get one anyway for future use but thanks for that Snowy
  12. right ok thanks lads i will cut the doors then try said tool the bottoms of the door frame and outer skin ae rotted very badly i know you can get a door frame repair but i dont think it comes up very far or i would repair
  13. having some issues getting the rotten doors off my coupe in order to sort the A post
  14. i never realised how the windscreen pillar had 3 layers either the part you see up the side of the screen rubber from outside then an inner but that is then sandwiched by the piece you can see from the inside of the car running up to the roof with a peice of trim glued to it i have to do surgery to the middle section so will be dealing with that next
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