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  1. mines gone in exactly the sme place and also inside the windcreen pillar same as yours altho ime thinking of removing thr inner two skins of the pillar in order to clean it all up as you cant relly get in there otherwise
  2. definitely mate theres many ways to tackle a job would have been far cheaper to use box section along the inner sills with another at 90 degrees to it run up the inside of the A post wich was going to be my last resort would immensley strong the hinges could be welded to these box sections ............BUT...its not right is it ifit were a choice between saving a manta this way then fair play but tbh my shell is really quite good in alot of places i would say the pillar is most definitely the worst aspect floors sills ect dont faze me at all ive been chasing this bulkhead for 4 mths now but its up in airdrie scotland .the guy who has it has loooooooooaaaaads of manta/ cav /ascona bits apparently so yes and ime thining the beauty of manta ownership and parts panel collecting is that someone will always buy what you have left over as we all need parts wow Herman that would be worth a road trip if other parts were available as well they look mint to be fair
  3. managed to pick up a complete bulkhead/A posts/full windscreen surround panel and a hell of a lot of the inner wing with scuttle in mint condition for a ver good price this has been a long time coming going through a middle man acting on behalf of the chap selling and to be fair hes been a great help also managed to get my hands on a full nose cone been in storage indoors for many years can only be described as mint condition again with a section of the inner wing where it was removed from a car those sections on my shell happen to need attention so ideal and a set of genuine gm door skins new old stock wont hurt to stick in the spares pile i will be ordering some floors swan necks and outer sills from germany [unless there are some in the uk ready for dispatch] and we can get stuck into it
  4. floors inner wings and A posts dont look too bad from the last few pics
  5. stumpy

    Bonnet hook

    think i have one my bonnet is rotten that bit is still there and in good condition it keeps digging into my back as i walk past it
  6. h mate. you had parts off me way back in the day ime aberdare too i have an 1.8s with a cracking running motor n box inbox me if nothing else be good to have a catch up ive not had a mants since i sold you those bits until i got one a few months ago
  7. so ive spent today turning my make shift lean to/car port into a garage by closing in the sides and rear with feather edge boards sealing a few old screw holes in the box profile roofing sheets that i had given me and picked up a load of 5 ft strip lights with bulbs and plugs all tested for 3 quid each cant go wrong so another day working on it tomorrow and it will be completely water tight and sheltered from all sides new /old stock mig bought came with two large bottles of argon/co2 that were full will then be ready to start work ......had started piling boxes of bike parts on it so needed to get a move on or it would sit there doing nothing going to be a busy winter and wanted everything sorted so should we go into a further lockdown i had everything i needed to get on with it oh and i picked up 4 2mtre x1 mtre sheets of 1mm 1,2 mm and 1,5mm zintec steel from the same place i got the strip lights for £5 each
  8. as above complete with the windscreen pillar just below the roof so i can trim as i need to i want both sides pic for reference
  9. looks awesome legs withmoility returning tomyleg i can now start again on mine seeing posts like this keeps the motivation
  10. deffo regards the minis tha helped me make the decision to go full spaceframe on mine.. as the whole floor sills ect were rotted
  11. what are the rules on a rally car/shell i know when i had minis yeas ago the shell had to be original,,, with only certain modifications allowed i think different floors chassis/subframes in the case of a mini would have fallen foul just curious as to whats allowed
  12. sorry Herman i missed your replies. glad to know youve had it and out the other side my freind did they put you out for it or were you awake through the procedurewith a local anaesthetic ? well at least the ops done now and the healing can start i had my mri tonight first had to have an x ray to make sure i didnt have any metal left in my eye from grinder dust a couple of years ago
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