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  1. amazing looking ar Herman thanks for the informaton and the pics the front end shows perfectly what i need to keep and what can be removed
  2. this car was recently purchased i wasnt looking for one to be honest it appeared on facebook market place 22 minutes before i saw it i messaged the seller [from carmarthen] got a deposit sorted and had it collected and delivered 4 days later the guy is into rallying big into mk2 escorts and has a class winning peugot 205 gti as well as numerous other cars and projects he got this from a chap he knew with the intention of converting to a rally car but with other projects and work didnt get to it [i know that feeling] so as can clearly be seen the whole nose cone is scrap and has since been removed the rear arches are ropey along the first inch from the bottom there was quite a bit of body filler in these the top of the rear quarter/ botoom of c pillar has a nasty hole the outer a pillar/ top of door post has a hole the floors will need replacing as theyre crusty but intact the boot floor is very good as is the rear panel/ inner wings and from what i can see at the moment so are the chassis rails the doors are scrap with the lower outer skin and the lower frame being shot ive been offered this bodykit with everything in the pics [whats it worth] ?? also ive never seen a 400 kit that the friont wings fit onto the original steel wing whats peoplles thoughts is it any good or better of avoiding
  3. definitely will the whole section was scrap its off already will get a few pics today of work so far
  4. does anybody recognise the car has an opel owners club sticker in the windscreen and what is it worth ime not selling i just want to know if i paid over the odds
  5. inner wings largely good the swan necks are untouched will need floors and a few patches i will be letting in any new steel edge to edge for a seamless finish it started yesterday and sounds fantastic [full stainless pipe] its been sat at least 7 years so i was chuffed to bits that she fired second turn and a pump of the pedal even had old fuel in her i have an xe motor and twin 45 webbers with inlet
  6. this is my little rotbox
  7. my nose is rotten anyway the whole panel has new been cut off
  8. amazing info thank you yes i will be joining for sure..ive been offered a 400kit it appears that the front wings attach half or 3/4 up the steel front wing its the complete kit minus the bonnet it was bought from mc rallying years ago ive never seen a front manta 400 wing that fits to the steel i always tought they were a complete wing attached the same as the original has anyone fitted this type of kit and whats the opinions pic below what would this kit be worth has previously fitted
  9. great to know ide be up for that when this virus exhausts itself though my car looks nothing like any of yours pics yet ive spent today cutting a completely rotte front panel off
  10. new to mantas previously had escorts and minis wich panels are plentyfull for but as above can you get inner wing repair panels rear valence front valence rear arches and outer cills ?? also if fitting a manta 400 body kit how much of the front panel do you leave in tact does it go over or in place of the lower front valance ive not got the kit yet but it appears you get the 4 slot nose the front valance and the wings and the twin headlight bezels thanks lads
  11. thanks guys ,ime trying to figure out how to post pics its a gold manta 1.8 berlinetta coupe i think its aan old car of a member here or an ex member maybe if any of you guys could help with posting pics be much appreciated
  12. got myself an opelmanta definitely a project but ime ok with that ime handy with a mig based in s wales
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