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  1. any one recomend a good weld through primer for mating faces [should have added i got some from halfords butits not the best tbh]
  2. i knew needed a lot of work but its rustier than i thought so dont feel so bad for butchering her now Jess
  3. now sorted at 700mm thanks Bonga
  4. any of you with a stripped out interior or a bare shell can kindly get me this measurement please from inner quarter panel framework to centre of the prop tunnel centre hole as in pic somethings telling me around about 710mm but i wont weld anything until i know for sure did measure it priorto cuttingthat section out but i cant findthe card it was written on cheers guys
  5. did a couple of hours this morning. had to drop the tunnel below the level on the top of the chassis rails/floor height in order for the front to get under the shelf at the front edge 20mm box between the rails in temporary just to make it easier to handle and support in position the tunnels as its awkward and a lil weighty to hang on clamps
  6. today was spent mocking up the trans and prop tunnel hopefully get those tacked in tomorrow...its a big ole tunnel going in didnt realise how big lol
  7. i have been offered to have a tubular subframe made based on a standard item i need to post it down to canterbury i havent stripped it yet hence the question guys so thanks for that lets go for 50 kg then i dont need to send the arms hubs ect as he already has some for mock up i lifted the front subframe complete with wheels hubs arms rack shocks ect and that was a fair weight and awkward on my todd
  8. so although i had planned to modify this ..... then found out how rare the berlinettas are i had second thoughts about it but its far rougher than i thought although it could be restored to standard i decided in heat of moment to get rid of it all and start from scratch and thats how ime going with it be a far cleaner looking and stronger outcome not going to be to everyones tate but i dont care its mine lol
  9. so had a couple of hours today spare chopped out both front floors chassis rails are solid enough to keep everything in shape and so are the front jacking points but obviously will need replacing lacey but strong enought to hold things in shape does appear to be some suspicious looking bodges with filler/fibreglass coveringbadly welded patches rust left in just a plate slapped over the top ... then did an hour setting the carbs up on my bike back at it again this morning all the black on the inner sills and bulkehead to floor join both sides are bodges and shite Mot plates 3 deep some of them the car was tarted up to sell i think as there is eveidence of filler in the rear quarters as well and it has had a flash over at some point PURISTS LOOK AWAY NOW YOUR NOT GOING TO LIKE THE NEXT BIT
  10. lovely car but if i had the cash and money wasnt an object i couldnt justify it
  11. anyone know the weight on a bare b series front subframe with rear chassis leg mounting brackets attached but nothing else
  12. i do have them but its a new mig and was having a play/listening with settings just ordered one now
  13. yes upside down head under a wheel arch also when doing the rear anti rollbar main mount on top of the axle....... a sort of box section tower in this case was previously repaired by a garage and ...told stronger than new now mate...well all the welds correction the rusty steel around the welds had broken and it wasnt for the rollbar being bolted to it woud be dissapeared never to be seen again xxx i will get one of those Ian thanks for that well worth a try... and the best bit is with my beard and shaven head i would look like one of the black widows from any wich way but lose pmsl
  14. yes has to be worth every cent hopefully i wont ever need them but i do like to collect panels/parts on a just in case basis and when price is right if i dont use them no doubt some years down the line they will get passed to another manta enthusiast between these quarters and the brand new old stock front wings owes me £200 quid
  15. got home from work today to a huuuuuge parcel and another 3 from somewhere else err indoors is not happy i turned the front room into santas grotto after xmas.....the two quarters i bought cut from another shell not to worried about the dinks as ime pretty sure they will come right with a little work and when i trim them down can get access to both sides of the panel and with the scarcity of these panels and at £80 the pair ime happy with them
  16. like that popping candy lol
  17. got to love a bit of weld spatter down the lugole [ouch] then did it again 20 min later no pics of work as yet purists arent goin to like the next bit
  18. now sorted thanks
  19. this one is a clarke 160 a tip i got given was to put a cable tie around the handle at the front or the over hang of the steel at the front to stop the wire feed cable hanging down where it comes out the front of the machine
  20. no manta fun today had to make a new subframe for a seat i want to adapt to fit the bike ime building atm first time ive used this mig welder very pleased with it nice and smooth the last one suffered wire feed issues even after changing the wire feed assemby from a newer model so got this one instead
  21. the weird thing is that it will clean back to bright steel there are some heavily pitted areas wich i was going to cut out and patch repair but it seems to bleed rust...... i cleaned it back to bright steel painted it straight away in random aerosol paint to protect temporary i was goin to remove it and use a good quality anti rust paint but it started rusting within a day or two very strange a different area i did the same time no sign at all of rust coming through
  22. pheeew thats done been lying on my back all day shite dropping in my eyes but its all now off just the rear bumper bootlid tank and rear lights and its a bare shell
  23. well i have bruised knuckles forearms and plenty of cuts atm and its stil there so deffo give it a go mate cheers
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