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  1. wil see if anywhere local i can get some and give it a bash i hate using a grinder while lying on my back under the thing [if i need to chop h heads off ]
  2. you know its going to be a long day when every single bolt is rusted solid to remove the rear axle/suspension so left that soaking over night but ime thinking its going to be a case of cutting the heads of the bolts and drifting the shanks out few pics of the front end grot now the front clip is removed
  3. finally managed to get the front subframe/ engine/ box out as one unit had to cut through one of the rear leg mounting bolts as was rusted solid the other flew out so grappled with it got the motor off the subbie dont have an engine hoist so fair weight on them motors on your own
  4. dont mind if its been butchered/altered from stock its for a track car project and saves me modifying my berlinetta wich altho in need of some work hasnt been messed with previously inbox me please
  5. at least its in the dry and locked up under cover i mate took his somewhere and it was sat in the yard in all weathers for a few months prior to work strting
  6. just a thought on ths but surely the guys at retro power who i have had help from in the past and found to be fantastic guys and made time to offer me free advice over the phone and on here...they wouldnt be able to supply a car to a customer knowing its going to be subjec to vosa/biva/iva/sva tests when presented for anMOT
  7. flocking i like especially on dash boards ect gives that rally type look
  8. i beleive the lean to i knocked up is 6.6 at the lowest i have a spit here its a universal one just make a mounting bar to suit what your mounting it to but it has had a mk2 escort on it and theres quite a bit of spread in the feet so can drop it quite a bit just by spreading the legs further out i didnt build it i bought of a mate for 50 quid i think but itnow needs de rusting painting
  9. so youd need a minimum of say 6.ft 6 or there abouts head height
  10. dont know whats happened there i cant see the reply ,,,,,, but would it be an idea to add the height on you garage roof/beams so people know the minimim height can get away with on the lowestheight pivot spit ..... hope that makes sense
  11. i have a nose cone here it has some scabs/surface rust and will need repaires to the bits above the headlights i was going to fit to my own then got a almost mint one instead i was going to blast this and repair the its required prior to fitting
  12. one of if not the cleanest repair work ive seen on here fair play
  13. right ok leave it with me i will take what i have here as a template just to get a price it can obviously be altered before going ahead should it need be the more that want 1 will fetch the price down as he can set up for a batch
  14. yes i would have thought so mate its a cracking bit of kit
  15. i can get laser cuting done my mate has those facilities plus milling turning ect i have one of these trays but mine appears to be made of fibreglass so i have no way of knowing how acurate it is if there was a demand i coud knock them out for the club
  16. ime wondering if either these are two different builds pics on the same build [they have done loads of manta builds] i remember back in 2010 they were builing a skyline based car but had put box section in the inner sill and the chassis rails as i copied them and was in contact with them for dimensions or there was a change of plan halfway through as pics show the car with original floors and time taken fabbing new inner sill/floor over jacking point then in other pics flat floors ....looks super clean with flat floors imho
  17. will thae a look on the bay Jess
  18. anyone used it looking for something to paint patch repaires and chassis rails insideswhile work continues on the rest the underside and the inside of the car will be getting raptor tintable when weldng finished apparently the 182 can be over painted with most paintshut hae no experience of it the One other stuff ime looking at after being told of is Corroless Glass Reinforced Black Rust Killer Chassis Paint
  19. any updates mate ime all for a flip front manta lol
  20. personaly speaking a Q plate car wouldnt bother me to be honest as long as it wasnt a rare example or of significance ive had bikes in the past on a q plate atually made it easier to modify them and not have to report things or worry come MOT time i get what your saying tho i think the general rule is you can add too but not take away so if the rear chassis were left in place and added to i think thats ok samewith the 2 link boxes i think thats possibly ok as its adding to your only taking out a50mm widestrip of steel bit adding a channel i think the problem is its largely down to interpretaion so there is a risk ime on quite a lot od forums and the thinking is generally build it to pass the test rather than second guess as to wether or not it would ever get a tug by the law have a look at project binky on youtube couldnt get anymore exreme
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