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  1. it hasnt had a motor in it for some time if you mean Megamanta i act posted the reply on the wrong topic because iwas abitsquiffy
  2. i just offered 3k for a rolling shell [nutty Niks] not having any of it tho reckons it cost hom 50k in theshell alone i dont see where tho to be honest and what you spend and what you can sell it for is two completely different thing
  3. good to have another welsh lad in here
  4. had to use my phone for light to look over her but will go down next week and clear the way rolls of fencing wire pallets of feed ect ect good thing is its been parked on rubber horse matting and a cover over it but its amazing how dusty it still is
  5. well i bought it so sorry mate.. i had no intention of buying it when i mentioned it ... but the deal was to good to pass up offered it for mates rates and a bit of gate making and fencing around his place and the main thing is i can keep it at his place under cover for as long as i like really [lives on a farm] so thinking cap on now regards my berlinetta wether to keep going or sell as a project anyway best of luck and if i hear of anything or anything changes with this you will be first to know
  6. i beleive so mate ive never had them done with him but i know a few max power type lads [pmsl] that have white leather with orange accents ect i will get some details for you if of use to you Buddy
  7. just as a heads up theres a local guy to me that will strip and re upholster a seat in leather /leather look for 175 per seat i dont know if thats good or bad compared to others but seems good value to me he does all the upholstering in my gym on the machines is how i got to know him and as you can imagine the machines/seats get hammered by multiple bodies on a daily basis
  8. i have a complete nose cone here and another that woud be good for sections if you send pic of what you mean if you dont fancy making them] i can blast them back to clean steel ready for trimming fitting
  9. cheers Jess..what year or rather between what year panels should i be looing mate
  10. opel parts greece on here has inner wings theyre around the £290 mark each plus post.......my badjust found the messagebit cheaper than i thought... a nose cone around 1100 from germany i think and i may have the x member in mint condition on a shell cut as well as a complete bulkhead/battery tray section OPEL PARTS GREECE 29 Started conversation: October 20 Hello New full inner wing panels are available in genuine and new at 250GBP per item + delivery costs If you may not find them local....send pm Best regards Anthony Quote stumpy 154 Replied: October 20 himate thank you very much for the reply could yuplease get apostage cost for them to be sent to south wales united kingdom Quote OPEL PARTS GREECE 29 Replied: October 20 Delivery costs for both of them will be: +113GBP delivered with normal way delivery or
  11. love it will be following the build
  12. as above wings front panel/nosecone please
  13. ime going down to see it tomrrow will get a few pics i have to be str8 with you tho after thinking on it over night and speaking to him about it ime very tempted to sell my berlinetta project and have this........ but as i say let me go own have a real good look then will know more
  14. a mate is selling a 2,0 gte coue non sunroof in red 67k miles every Mot from new comes with spares hes the only owner needs a bit of tidying but very nice interior is mint as he always had seat covers on will get a price i havent got the room or ide have it myself
  15. got to love chopping out some rust lol
  16. nice start jess should be a cracker when done pics of an old build
  17. you havea build thread on that one mate
  18. as a side note i couldnt beleive the difference in weight with the bare door as opposed to the rotten but whole/complete with glass/winder mechanism door i took off
  19. fresh out the wrapping under the watchful eye of my helper finally managed to get a set of good doors.... not mint but rock solid and straight ..some rust along the bottom of the skin its surface where its been rubbed down at some point i will need to get some channel to make a frame for the poly windows iintend to fit but what it means is i can now start the A pillar repairs wich ive put off until i had a door to keep check on alignment and being the A post and that whole section is the worst area of the car thats where i want to start the resto and have waited to do so until i had doors so now i can get cracking on that area before chopping anything else out
  20. love stuff like this sure i love a standard car too but theres something about chopping and rebuilding into a monster too especially given what you started with
  21. thats the one lovely isnt it ...he only lives down the road from me i think his family run a local car spares place i was gutted as i would have snapped that up in a heart beat.. i think it needed a bit of welding underneath when he sold it.. i saw it in aberdare park classic car show probably the same year or there abouts ime not sure but i think its still localish at least thats what i heard that someone local had bought it hope so and if it ever comes up i would have it
  22. what sort of bhp will that kick out mate
  23. local guy used to have a manta that blue colour it had every bolt on extra you could get rear window louvre rear infill panel between the lights ect and a rover v8 that had been really nicely done looked factory he may well of been a member here as he was a real enthusiast howard his name was sold for i think a grand but i had just bought a project at 3k and i didnt have the spare cash
  24. nice to know its around so many of the prject logs i read stop on page x and are a few years ago so dont know wether they got finished or sold off or maybe sat under a tarp awaiting finishing
  25. i used a led fusebox on one of my previous builds the wires are connected via a ring terminal and an m5 screw has 1 main power pole and the seperate earth outlets for each circuit makes it a lot easier
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