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  1. sounds like hard graft; i'll take car to a garage that I take my daily driver to as I trust their work. they wont have come across a Manta before but I would trust them to work on it.
  2. hi Hooby, i bought a set of these last year from the same firm, but have yet to install them. let me know how you get on fitting yours so I have an idea on what to expect when I come do mine. cheers.
  3. hi Chris, yes Andrew, Paul, (another Manta nut), and I are all well; we all still have our cars, although mine is still in the process of getting Megasquirted, which the three of us were doing last summer. Andrew has emigrated to Jamaica two years ago, but left his car here; he's coming over next month for the summer, and we'll resume work on mine then. Paul's white Exclusive has been off the road for at least 10 years, and the three of us spent a few weekends last year tidying up his messy engine bay, in preparation of putting his modified XE back in.
  4. yes i saw this last week and thought the same thing: why cant this be done for the Manta? then I saw the £75k price tag... high quality workmanship though, very impressive. yes I saw this last week and was impressed; then I saw the £75k price tag... high quality workmanship however; very impressive.
  5. its GM Pineapple yellow Pete; i was going to repaint it the original Monaco Blue, but a late 90's Astra of that colour pulled up alongside me one day, and i was hooked. I intend to repaint with the same colour later this year, funds permitting. taken at Billing in 2009:
  6. twin 40's was all the could afford at the time, and along with their fast road cam, he was, (and still is), happy enough wih the performance. he's since swapped to their milder cam, (so its not as revvy), as it kept failing the MOT on emissions at the time. i still have the same fast road cam in mine.
  7. both my 2.7 88 Exclusive couple and my best mate's 80 srb coupe 2.2 CIH's were built at Torque Developments; dont know how much my mate's conversion cost, as he had his done about a year before mine, but the total bill for mine, (which was carried out in 96), was £4995. this felt steep at the time, but as the work on my mates 2.2 was excellent, and he's a manta nut, I decided to go ahead as the standard 2.0 performance couldnt compare. he runs twin 40 Weber carbs and I EFI. I have JE pistons and rods, along with a 2nd hand Mantzel crank-which needed extensive regrounding, as it was in a state.(the JE's from the US were more easily available than Mahle's at the time, but were expensive). I can say performance of both engines feels similar, although I have more torque.
  8. hi Pete,

    we havent met for years; think it was back at Billing in '94. your exclusive inspired me to modify my then starmist E reg exclusive, in terms of suspension setup in particular.

    then you stopped going a little while after that, so consequently we never linked again.


    one of my best mates, Paul Mitchell, who has a white E reg exclusive thats been off the road for over 10 years now, wants to know if you ran/still running the Carlton 2.2 ecu on your 2.0 turbo CIH at the time? this is because I tried one on my 2.7 CIH and it didnt run any better than with the standard 2.0 one.

    I ended up going down the Megasquirt route due to cost at the time, (2006)-first with an early MS1, (whose firmware couldnt be updated after multiple attempts recently), to now an MS2 v3, which arrived earlier this week, and will be installed and setup this Saturday, weather permitting.

    I know yours is at Ray West's garage for a while now; when are you going to be back on the road?

    1. GTEPETE


      Thanks for making contact....firstly I am still using the standard ecu and is supplemented by an aftermarket ecu from ERL...further modified to add anti- lag and control 4 extra injectors (8 in total). Still 90's technology though....You made a good move with the megasquirt, omex is also a good option....Ray has my cylinder head (2.4) the car is at home....but due to having a child/work etc etc car has been off the road since 2000...hence mileage is still 55000... planning to built a 2.5 bottom end, bigger Turbo etc etc convert to 5 stud hubs and use BMW split rims.....but really like the Irmscher road kit, like the red one being rebuilt on this forum......send us a pic of yours when done...say hello to Paul when you see him...psmotorsport@aol.com

    2. execman


      thanks for the repy Pete,

      so is there a timescale for when your back on the road? mine's been off the road since 2006, and its only with the help of my best mate, (who'd been working on his immaculate 79 modified B coupe), and Paul, that i had the impetous/gee up to get mine back on the road.

      I had a "no connection" issue on Saturday with the connecting cable between the MS2 and my laptop, so I ordered a "proper" one on Sunday from Megasquirt in the US for £36, so will wait till that arrives in a week or so, before trying again.

      once its up and running, (hopefully), that will get rid of my chronic overfuelling; after MOT i'll then take it to Northampton Motorsport to Dyno in order to properly dial in the MS2. I then have a power steering kit, a second hand ZF LSD, and new headlamps to install; before, sometime in 2021, have the car repainted the same colour-GM pineapple yellow.


  9. Jess, I ended buying an MS2 V3 from Phil, as the MS1 proved to be too old to update; we chatted via email and he convinced me to go for the MS2-alomg with a buch of documentation. i'll be installing it this Saturday, weather permitting.
  10. further to: because my MS1 is so old it wont talk to tunerstudio without updating the firmware-which I'm having trouble doing; question: can I do a straight swap with an MS2 unit? are the pin outs the same, as my DB37 connector sensor tails are all plumbed in? Megasquirt UK is doing: MS 2 V 3 Extra Code fully assembled, 2.5 bar MAP sensor, 2.5 Bar MAP sensor, good for normally aspirated or Boosted Engines to 30psi max, and fitted with 2 coil drivers so will run a 4 cycl wasted spark, this is the recommended way as you have complete control of the timing and can also use the onboard rev limiting facility, + your Fuel Injection, comes with a resonable MAP to get you up and running, wiring diagram you can download from this site (Link), DB37 Plug, and DB9 cable to connect to your pc, Price £475.00 + and Shipping + VAT which I'll buy provided I can do a straight swap.
  11. hi, I've finally plumbed in my MS1 v1 I've had sitting in my garage since 2006, and will be setting it up on Saturday via the latest TunerStudio MS which now I've registered; question: how do I connect the tacho MS lead to the Manta? looking around the engine, there's no obvious place.
  12. hi, I have no red fuel pressue light on my dashboard; I know it used to work but has now stopped, since work started gettting the car back on the road after around 5 years parked in my garage. the guage itself works fine; what can be the problem anyone?
  13. PM sent to Andy as regards fire extinguisher.
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