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  1. hi Pete, I have a question to ask: whenever i saw you car back in the day, I noticed you have a fire extinguisher fixed to the nearside front interior; can I ask what spec it is, how its attached and the supplier please. I ask this because the previous Exclusive my engine was in, (E828DJN), perished at the side of the M11 back in 1996, due to a fire in the fuel pump assembly area; anything I can do to not go through that experience again, I'll do. to watch your pride and joy go up in flames, aknowing there's nothing you can do about it, is something I wouldnt wish on anyone.
  2. also, what about the heat factor? are tyre valves able to handle the increased temperature in that area?
  3. yes Herman, its leaking fuel under load; it was fine initailly, but since We've been messing about with the injection system in order to get the car running, we noticed it leaking at the weekend. it makes sense the tyre valve angle, as I'd say they're comparable in size; will the thread be the same though?
  4. Herman, I need a fuel rail pressure relief limiter valve from a vauxhall frontera mk 1, as the one on mine is leaking; I cant find one on Ebay. do you know this valve and is there an equivalent from another manufacturer? I run the Frontera rail as its safer than the standard GTE multi hosed one; I've posed the question to Andy on the parts supplier section, but thought I'd ask you directly, due to your knowledge on all things Manta.
  5. nice article Hermann; very informative.
  6. dont think they were available back then; wouldnt have been able to afford it, even if it was. ideally I'd like throttle bodies rather than EFI, but its the cost again.
  7. yes my 2.7 was built at Torque Developments back in 1996. I first bought a used Mantzel crank from Rocket Ron, who used to work in a tuning shop in North London.he was selling manta parts as he switched to an R32 Nissan Skyline it was in a bad state and needed lots of machining to get it useable. I then bought JE pistons and connecting rods from the US, and the bottom end was bored and stroked to 97.25 x 90 mm as Pete said. the standard 2.0 head was replaced with a Carlton 2.2 along with oversized valves and solid lifters; the cam I'm not sure of- I never asked about it. the whole engine was blueprinted and cost me £5 short of five grand for all the work.
  8. yes I bought a black ally one a couple of weeks ago for £67: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/293549091458
  9. fantastic picture H; much appreciated. one drawback of the rail compared to the Manta one, is you cant replace the regulator with an adjustable type like a Sytec/FSE.
  10. much appreciated Buz and Snowy; I have something to go on now.
  11. so the fuel in is the 17mm nut end end of the rail with the return under the regulator, on the Frontera, Snowy? i'll purchase a guage asap thanks. and yes Buz, please provide photos of the rail with fuel lines attached. cheers and thanks Mick, i tried swapping round the flow and return pipes under the bonnet, but it made no difference.
  12. I'm getting poor pressure on my Frontera fuel rail, with little or no fuel getting to the injectors. I've replaced the pump with a Senator B 3.0 one, and I can hear it running on startup, but the engine starts but not run after a few seconds. I suspect the regulator but not sure; question: is the fuel line input just under the regulator on the Frontera rail, or is it the one on the rear of the rail wtith the 17mm bolt? the Haynes manual I have is for the GTE but i'm running the Frontera rail on a 2.2 Carlton head with big valves, sitting on a 2.7 bottom end. its doing my brain in, so need advice, PLEASE..
  13. thanks Herman, i'll have a look at your project.
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