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  1. hi Pete,

    we havent met for years; think it was back at Billing in '94. your exclusive inspired me to modify my then starmist E reg exclusive, in terms of suspension setup in particular.

    then you stopped going a little while after that, so consequently we never linked again.


    one of my best mates, Paul Mitchell, who has a white E reg exclusive thats been off the road for over 10 years now, wants to know if you ran/still running the Carlton 2.2 ecu on your 2.0 turbo CIH at the time? this is because I tried one on my 2.7 CIH and it didnt run any better than with the standard 2.0 one.

    I ended up going down the Megasquirt route due to cost at the time, (2006)-first with an early MS1, (whose firmware couldnt be updated after multiple attempts recently), to now an MS2 v3, which arrived earlier this week, and will be installed and setup this Saturday, weather permitting.

    I know yours is at Ray West's garage for a while now; when are you going to be back on the road?

    1. execman


      thanks for the repy Pete,

      so is there a timescale for when your back on the road? mine's been off the road since 2006, and its only with the help of my best mate, (who'd been working on his immaculate 79 modified B coupe), and Paul, that i had the impetous/gee up to get mine back on the road.

      I had a "no connection" issue on Saturday with the connecting cable between the MS2 and my laptop, so I ordered a "proper" one on Sunday from Megasquirt in the US for £36, so will wait till that arrives in a week or so, before trying again.

      once its up and running, (hopefully), that will get rid of my chronic overfuelling; after MOT i'll then take it to Northampton Motorsport to Dyno in order to properly dial in the MS2. I then have a power steering kit, a second hand ZF LSD, and new headlamps to install; before, sometime in 2021, have the car repainted the same colour-GM pineapple yellow.


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