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  1. I'm getting poor pressure on my Frontera fuel rail, with little or no fuel getting to the injectors. I've replaced the pump with a Senator B 3.0 one, and I can hear it running on startup, but the engine starts but not run after a few seconds. I suspect the regulator but not sure; question: is the fuel line input just under the regulator on the Frontera rail, or is it the one on the rear of the rail wtith the 17mm bolt? the Haynes manual I have is for the GTE but i'm running the Frontera rail on a 2.2 Carlton head with big valves, sitting on a 2.7 bottom end. its doing my brain in, so need advice, PLEASE..
  2. thanks Herman, i'll have a look at your project.
  3. just found these new ones for £80 each: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-BOSCH-FUEL-INJECTOR-OPEL-0280150747-WFI079-/253970970234?autorefresh=true can anyone do better?
  4. I need a set of replacement Frontera 2.4 CIH injectors-Bosch part number: 0280150747; the best price I found on Ebay is around £95 each, which seems a bit steep to me. can anyone help?
  5. after replacing the prefilter and pump with a Senator B/3.0 CNE one here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333573631081 fuel pressure has been restored to fuel rail, but now she wont start. looks like the coil is at fault as the spark from number 1 plug lead is very weak so I orrdered one from edelschmiede.com; at just under £90 delivered to the London area, its expensive, and I consequently found the same one on Ebay for £51! I wasnt best pleased-the moral learned: always check Ebay/elsewhere before orderding from edelschmiede.com.
  6. the black particles were hard and flat, so I dont think its the pipes-hence the suspected prefilter. I'll invest in a pressure gauge if the issue persists after next weekend.
  7. I dont have any way to measure this Mike; I just know its nowhere near enough between the pre filter and pump. I can only work on the car on Saturdays as I'm working from home. the replacement pre filter will hoepfully be here by Friday, so I'll know by the end of play Saturday if the pressuer is sufficient.
  8. i'm getting insufficient pressure coming out of the pump + I noticed black bits in the fuel leaving the pump-so I've just bought a new prefilter on Ebay; as it looks like the original one is breaking up internally. btw ti'm running the Frontera fuel rail which has its own regulater. I siphoned out spent super unleaded when the car was pulled out of hibernation; could this be why the prefilter appears to be breaking up internally? does old spent fuel damage the prefilter? it melted tarmac when some was spilt removing it. we tested the pulsation dampener and it appears to be working, so I've discounted that.
  9. the fuel return regulator is in the car, and i'll be checking whether its functioning tomorrow. if i do need a replacement diaphragm damper/ pressure regulator, where can i source one?
  10. I was hoping I was barking up the wrong tree, as I can see it'll be a nightmare to replace; i'll have a look tanks Mike. Execman
  11. i'v pulled my 2.7 Exclusive coupe out of hibernation, with the intention of taking her to Sywell next month. on startup, she idled for about 5 mins before dying; my best mate, (a fellow manta enthusiast), suggested that fuel line pressure is the issue. we fitted a new Bosch pump + adjacent filter a couple of weeks ago, and as the engine has no fuel regulator, he thinks the PD is the culprit-its the rusted up item on the far right highlighted here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-GTE-Electric-Fuel-Pump-Bracket-and-Pre-Filter-Assembly-/293568044481?nma=true&si=FXd4nQRwL0%2FmN28AuN6HLafz6eI%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 has anyone tried to replace this? this isnt my one, but mine still looks like it will break if an attempt is made to even remove the attached fuel pipes. are these not designed to be changed? am I barking up the wrong tree? Execman
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