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  1. Thanks the help and guidance folks , it's really useful. Any pointers are greatly appreciated
  2. Thanks for the reply, I'm fairly mechanically minded, so I had it on stands today and had a good look around and underneath. no rods popping out from casings fortunately! Although there was a clio 197 which threw a rod through its engine casing on the same trackday as me. Anyway it was very wet with oil, looks like it's been leaking from every possible mated surface/gasket. Found a bolt missing from the sump which had sheared and been filled with rtv sealant. Oil just behind the dizzy and by the valley gasket. Leaking at the diff. Basically oil everywhere but it all looked like historic weeping, not pouring out from anywhere obvious. I've booked it in with my mechanic who I trust, but not sure how experienced he is on this type of car. I'll try and get a diagnosis and go from there, but I'm feeling like it's a bit if a pup and there would be a lot of work required just to stop the leaks let alone find the problem. Underwhelmed by its performance on track anyway so it will be sold once repaired or sold as spares/repairs anyway.
  3. In the moment when youve paid £150 for a trackday and only done 15 minutes on track I think an element of hopefulness crept in, thinking it just needed a top up. Hindsight and all that! I am still in touch with Jason (who I bought it from) but he has pointed me towards a mechanic. Got to be honest, I am pi***d off as I've done less than 100 miles since buying it (albeit on track) and this has happened. I've booked it in to my mechanic who will have a look, but if its a biggie I might have to sell it as a spares/repairs. Advice and guidance is greatly appreciated as I've just not got a clue where to go from here.
  4. Afternoon Folks, I'm hoping you all may be able to help. I recently bought a Manta GTE from a member here on the site. It has a 4.0 v8 from the TVR Chimaera. Its a track prepped car and having only done about an hours worth of track time in total since buying it, it broke down. Oil pressure started to drop mid session so I nursed it back to the pits. I let it cool down and checked the oil level. Oil level was fine.] I started it up and the oil pressure was slightly up, but not back to 'normal' If i revved the engine the pressure would jump to normal, but as soon as revs dropped, oil pressure dropped. we are talking a drop from 4 bar to less than 2 bar. I took it out on track with a view to doing a lap and coming back in, i got about 2 thirds around castle combe and it suddenly broke down. Bit of a clunk and then just no power. 3 hours later and an expensive tow home (as apparently my breakdown doesn't cover cars past 2004! always read the small print). I cannot see anything painfully obvious other than there is oil coming from somewhere, not pouring out, but definitely a drip. The car will turn over, but obviously wont start. I am admittedly a little green on the old engines and general engine mechanics. Any ideas what I might be looking at here? I'm not too proud to admit that in hindsight, I shouldn't have gone back out on the track after oil pressure had dropped, but also I'd rather it conked out on the track than when I'm driving home.
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