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  1. Rh side in and welded awaiting floor panel to finish.
  2. No English wheel bit of weld panel shape then weld and so on using an rubber malet
  3. Pretty much standard lowering suspension and ats alloys or deep dish steelies don't want it looking to much like a manta
  4. Bought the battery tray from Germany realising it's for Lhd car so had to reverse the panel beat it up to the upper side.
  5. Looking for good boot lid had my original destroyed by shot blasting the wrong side I asked to have done
  6. Going to use most of the panel then fabricate the rest. Thanks for the information for head lamp indicator panels yes big head ache to find got this 2 owner cavalier by chance wasn't looking for one just went on Facebook to find my dad's old cavalier coupe on a site unfortunately it was scrapped in 1992 by hour later had a message asking if I was interested in one this one popped up tod it's quite rare car with the auto box from factory
  7. Thanks for the Freindly well come. Lots of welding and fabrication.
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