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  1. Got two variejet carbs and new service kit might be best option
  2. 32?36 dgev carb they say to use I'm not sure
  3. Think I keep to a standard carb seems less hassle think the bonnet be up more then closed dealing with the gremlins
  4. Would prefer sidedaught bit more old skool
  5. More hassle then it's worth then
  6. Is that the same problem for cih engine wot I'm using not red top
  7. Hi all quick question or info regarding 40 twin choke carbs looking at dellorto 40f has any one done carbs on there 20s engine just need some guidance before I take a plunge in buying them. Thanks
  8. Try and paint when the temp is resansible only spraying around the edges of the car letting the Overspray go inward over grey primer as it was done at the factory
  9. Engine bay all prep ready for 2k primer as for rest of the shell luggage bay floor pan and arches look to paint inner ares next couple of weeks suspension and rear axle going to be powder coated.
  10. all underside and stonechiped
  11. Going original colour almost sold it yesterday
  12. Panels off time to prep and stonechip
  13. Pu sealer tube fast mover or mipa Floor pan.epoxyied primerd next prep and stone chip
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