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  1. I used another wheel arch repair to do repair look on my cavalier resto
  2. Need lh and rh lower rear screen corner thankso
  3. Got most trim just lh rh rear quarter trims and lower corner to find for plating hope to have this done before Sywell
  4. After lower rear quarter trims rh lh for coupe can be anodised or black as there going to reanodised .thanks
  5. Certainly attracts the attention
  6. Thankyou good to meet you also glad you approve certainly attracted alot of attention that day shame the weather was crap was good turn out cars I be going to the next one .
  7. Cavalier be going up for sale beginning of August after Sywell.
  8. Looking for bright work for manta or cavalier coupe rear quater lower window trim doors top trims archs .
  9. Best place to get petrol lock cap mine seems to be leaking quiet bad on cornering .thanks
  10. Got my m8 70 mercury couguar to do some cosmetics on body.
  11. Just damaged the flasher relay but been replaced now all is good
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