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  1. So looking forward to see end result on my cavalier looks awesome in white.
  2. Hi looking for rear panel mk1 cavalier coupe thanks
  3. Hi looking for parts numbers for these any one help many thanks keith.
  4. Thanks just think sometimes that car been stood still over the years have rotted in place where water sat for a while and not salt from the road has caused any rusting in other areas
  5. Indeed unfortunately got to be
  6. Chain and tackle Yes klokkerholm panel
  7. Roof bare metalled made a sunroof delete panel fill the hole.
  8. Joints sealed now ready for epoxy primer.
  9. Not easy at all few measurements and one cut. Need help on oem panel numbers on these panel rear lh rh thanks
  10. Spotted this the other day outside my lads school
  11. Thanks I'm using an mig welder sip 150
  12. Rh side in and welded awaiting floor panel to finish.
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