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  1. Hi all I'm after pair brake hoses for my cavalier I got some from Germany but the connectors are to small 15mm spanner size, got a pair correct ones off ebay old stock right connectors 17mm but hoses are corroded. Any leads or specialist be great also the length if possible in mm ones I got 420mm in full length thanks keith
  2. Sold my wings but on a look out for a passenger door for cavalier
  3. Replacement wings. Primerd. Question time. Mountney steering wheel boss has any one got one fitted on the car possible pics and wots involved to fit thanks
  4. Wings are available if interested based in Coventry
  5. Looking a passenger door or a good doors sale or trade pair front wings thanks
  6. 8 months ago last on her wheels
  7. I give another go tonight see if can make it fit
  8. Any idea how rear brake hose fits with clip on alloy torque tube sure the hose incorrect
  9. Hi all need help on brake master cylinder purchased a jp. One but not correct also ate reservoir and warning level Cap both also wrong please point me in right direction for right ones thanks. Ate 20s on master cylinder For 20s cavalier coupe automatic
  10. Lots flatting done gave another coat of primer quick denib ready fire on some colour
  11. Just a standard engine for now do mods later on in time
  12. Quick question torque tube bearing is there different types? Fitted one bought of ebay it's for 20 e but mines a 20s is there differentices or are they the same. Thanks
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