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  1. Can't seem to find the right diagram. Know the crank sensor, throttle, coil pack ,but stuck on them 4 wires in photo
  2. Hi can anyone please help me with this wiring, not sure where they connect, it's off a mbe967ig stand alone ecu going on my red top. Cheers Dai
  3. Pedal box, servo, master cylinder for88 gte .please. Thanks Dai
  4. Hi , anyone know for a pedal box, servo and master cylinder 88 gte .thanks
  5. Hi looking for manta gte rear seats please. Cheers Dai
  6. Fitting an omega gearbox to my red top,any problems
  7. Thanks mate,I'll have to make my mind up which way to go. Cheers Dai
  8. Can anyone help, putting a rx8 box in manta ,but gear lever about 6inches further back ,any suggestions or photos. Cheers Dai
  9. Piper cams, con rods, crank. Well the guy I bought it from said it was 260
  10. Hi I've just bought a rx8 box and prop for her, any ideas about gear lever position.Engine's running about 260 on 48s cheers
  11. Are them gearbox's readily available.cheers Engine's running about 260 on 48s
  12. Hi. Got a red top , so what gearbox would you recommend. This is the pedal box I'm fitting,any advice would be great. Cheers Dai
  13. Floor mounted, still thinking about how to fit though Hi, any gearboxes available
  14. Hi, what's the best upgrade on front disc and calipers. Cheers Dai
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