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  1. I now have some pictures of the car and the clutch. how do i put pictures onto the post? thanks manta hatch for the offer of your no longer needed parts and i will definitely save another manta!!!! If i need them i will let you know. thanks
  2. Ok thanks. Im fully aware that there will a small gap between the 2 parts but this gap is around 9mm which is far to much, the parts that came off were a bit of a mess but look like they were new, and have not done much work, since they were fitted after a conversation with the owner over the weekend it turns out that the reason the car was parked up years ago we because his farther fitted a clutch to it and could never get it to operate correctly so you just put it in a corner of the barn, so im guesseing there was an issue then to!
  3. Thanks so much for your help and kind offers of help, i can confirm that it is the 1.8 thanks to the picture that was put on, im not going to back at the workshop until Monday i will take some pics of the cover plate and put them on.
  4. Hi im currently doing some work on a 83 manta for a friend the car has been dry stored for 15 or so years and the owners son wants it out and back on the road, i have been tasked with sorting the mechanical bits out before its off the bodyshop. the car is a 1983 1.8 s, i think! Unfortunately i have not worked on any mantas before so my knowledge is a little thin to say the least, i have worked this out by the fact its not fuel injected, if im wrong please correct me. i have got it running no problem just strip and clean of the carb and some fresh fuel, however i have an issue with the clutch, when i recived the car it was thought that the clutch plate was stuck the cover plate and flywheel, on removal of the box, it was found that it was stuck, the owner supplied me with a new clutch kit, which on fitting I noticed straight away that when i put the cover plate up to the flywheel there was a gap between the 2 and as i pulled it down on the bolts it pretty much moved the fingers on the cover in by around 30mm, which ment that was not enough travel on the realise arm to operate the clutch, so obviously it was the wrong clutch kit, so he ordered another one from somewhere else and it was exactly the same. he has now spent £250ish on 2 clutch kits and still no further forward, could anyone please help me trackinh down the right clutch kit as parts do seem a little tricky to get hold of. thanks in advance, sorry for just jumping on here and asking for help.
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