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  1. It would me more like a fun weekend driver and maybe when its at 'that point' going to a few opel meetings. Yeah the 16V is what we call 'toekomstmuziek' ( , I got alot to do before its at the point of making big power. Im currently in the process of redoing my driving license since corona was a reall heartbreaker but i appreciate your offer Herman!
  2. Thanks Herman, im from Sint-Laureins, between Gent and Brugge on the dutch border. Thanks for all the replies already guys, if i understand correctly it would be better to search a 2.4 block, porting, camshaft, valves and a full exhaust together with a set of 45 on it? Im far more familiar with electronical injection then I'm with carbs but I think carbs fit such a car nicer and it gives me the chance to learn more about them. As for the MOT, I could keep my 2L block stock and swap it every 2 years, but as you guys mentionted it might not be necesary as the 2.4 and the 2.0 look the same. Sadly enough I dont have a deep enough pocket to afford a 16V head of Cosworth, but what I might try is shortening a 24V 6 Cylinder head If i can get my hands on a cheap one, welding it and modify everything that should be done with it. Greets, Mathew
  3. Im currently working on my Manta 400 replica wich came with the 2.0S CIH. I already have some Solex double barrel 40's that i would use on this block. What would be the easiest or cheapest way to make + 160bhp on that block, with those carbs? I heared some people put 2.4 rotating assembly in and clear the crankshaft rotation, with I suppose a 2.4 head on it? Glad to hear from your experience guys.
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