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  1. Hi All. Still on the hunt for a nice A Series. 15k budget. Anything for sale in the UK ?. 🙂
  2. Anyone seen the A reg low mileage GT on Ebay ?. Im guessing the price is way OTT for a GT ?.
  3. Ah yeh. The auction. Its a nice one but auto so not for me.
  4. 2 x A ?...... Where's the other one ?..
  5. Hi all again. I have a feeling im not going to be lucky enough to land a minty A so ive decided to up my chances by looking for a Manta of any model. We have a 17k budget. South UK if poss but happy to travel. Cheers. Alex....(07595503714)
  6. Hi All. Looking to try and find a decent A Series. I have a decent budget so im hoping i can find a good one. I had 2 when i was much younger ( one being TMO 886N.) which is now in Ireland and a bit of a mess now if you ask me..!!... South UK prefered but happy to travel. Cheers. Alex
  7. Omg. Ive just seen this after all these years. I owned this in the early 80s. So nice to see it in its original colour. Ide love to get it back. Its in Ireland now looking very different now.
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