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  1. like i said not ideal, been done a 1000 times on theclassic car scene. just think of it as a reshell 🤐.
  2. u need a v5 from a scrap car change id, 😉. easy on an old car, not ideal i know.
  3. did i miss owt??? 2 years out. thought id call in and possibly attended the unbilling show..
  4. if the oil seal is new on the pump it shouldnt be that, id take the pully cover off and the rear cover and see if its lesking down ftom the cam cover behind the cam pulleys, if its the rear pump seal it should just nip up.. also check crank sensor. theses always leak snd its not too far from the pump.. ptfe tape this in. good luck.. xes do like to leave a mark
  5. id be putting a propper oil gauge in if i was you, 60 cold and about 20ish on idle warm.. don't believe the manta gauge.
  6. no usually ok when cold just crap when warm. and at idle...
  7. its never finished mate NEVER... up grade.. u will always find something to upgrade.. great work pal
  8. i think they pay sponsorship for this.. and they are good... ive got 2 tranny vans a vxr and my manta with them..
  9. its how i did mine, 1 at a time..
  10. ha mine only had 34k ont clock:-) but ur right mate, no one will spend 10k and 400r it.. and its got a sunroof:-) snd it wont sell for that.. its not an escort.. mantas are going up.. but not there yet.. 6k if it is mint........... then 400 it :-)
  11. got em in mine, brill quality too.
  12. no way kev.. 100s of hours worrk their.. hood luck
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