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  1. I'm selling the car to someone who can repair and properly restore it. It appears mechanically undamaged.
  2. I have got bad whiplash symptoms. Reckon the van driver (completely unharmed) was doing about 60mph (in a 40mph zone) when he hit! At least he managed to brake from 80! The back 6" of the boot is folded down. The rear right pillar is bent and pushed upwards a couple of mm. Needs a new boot floor, replacement rear panel, replacement lhs rear qtr. RHS rear qtr might be repairable, replacement boot lid, spoiler possibly repairable, bumper amazingly survived largely undamaged! New lights and fittings.
  3. I have 2/3rds of a car left! Was going to go after that one but looks like I've just missed it. My budget currently is what the insurance pays me which should come next week and what I can get for the (non broken) parts of my car.
  4. I'm a new member - for the last 19 years I've owned D234 BNV - an exclusive coupe. 3 weeks ago a speeding van driver on his mobile ploughed into the back of me and wrote off my car. I believe it to be repairable but, as I can't do my own repairs, not by me. Depending on how cooperative my insurance company is I may be able to put it up for sale at a later date. I'm now after a replacement Manta. Need's to be a GTE and would prefer a coupe, but judging by recent prices it might have to be a hatch! My price range is £3-5K and preferably within a days driving distance of Oxfordshire. Any suggestions?
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