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  1. Hey guys could this possibly work? Adding link mountings to the diff itself. And then to the torque tube crossmember. Then using a link to connect both. Remove centre bearing cage from the crossmember to allow a propshaft with a bolt on centre bearing to fasten onto there https://ibb.co/bz4G95K https://ibb.co/KwxxgMY
  2. i dont think i want to go v8, those are the norm over for goto conversions, but alot of modding goes with that v8 to make everything fit i would assume. ive done i bit of research and spares for the 3sge or sgte are getting low on the market, as where the sr20 we have a crap load of shops still stocking. i think the sr20det will be the one.
  3. so i finally decided on an engine to put in my manta a its between the nissan sr20det that i've already seen fitted, apparently to the owner its a straight fit, just had to do mountings. i have also been checking out the toyota dual beams 3sge out, have any of you ever fitted these? c20xe is out of question as they are crap expensive over here.
  4. What kind of replacement rubbers do you use for your torque tube "centre bearing"
  5. ha was only referring to the pressure regulator thanx
  6. @H-400 thank you, i had the orientation of the mounting holes messed up. tell me, what is that hydraulic hoses and that small cylinder next to the torque tube?
  7. can somebody post a picture of a torque tube mounted please, i cant find the place to mount it to body. opel manta 1973
  8. @GTEPETE i can get this 2.5 ranger engine, gearbox looks the same as what i have now. so this should be an east fit? https://imgur.com/a/BtVS1Kf
  9. so the engine of the manta i have is a bit shot, with alot of missing marts. i can get a ford cortina v6 with gearbox for quite cheap. will it fit in the engine bay with custom mountings?
  10. @H-400 thanx. I was told today that the manta used the same engine as opel rekord aswell as chev firenza. And apparantly that the 2.0l rekord engine uses the same clutch. Have you heard anything like this? I discovered that the clutch plate is still included. So i'll just repad the clutch. Now i need a waterpump.
  11. Hey guys. So im getting my manta soon, it has no clutch. The clutchplate is also missing, locally(south africa) i have not found any good leads yet for a replacement. Is there any later model clutches that works on the manta A? Or maybe does anyone have any part numbers of clutch kits that works?
  12. Picking up my manta this saturday. Fairly complete build. Just gotta get a clutch.
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