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  1. Change of subject. How rare are solid lifters? Can only find Hydraulic ones for sale 2nd hand.
  2. So. After much searching, messages to and fro and false promises I am still no nearer to an exhaust manifold tubular or cast. Might see if I can make one.
  3. My 40yr old cast manifold has died so on the lookout for a reasonably priced tubular manifold for my Mk1 Cavalier 2000 gls auto. Thanks in advance
  4. Just been having a look on Ebay. There was an original cam for sale by a German seller. Over £300. A fast road Kent one is cheaper direct from Kent. Why are the Germans over inflating their prices? A front bumper for £640? Cheaper to get it rechromed.
  5. Hi Jessopia74. Std set up with Hydraulic lifters
  6. Any body got any thoughts on a Kent OP234?
  7. Found these on Ebay. Msgd the bloke twice about fitment but no reply. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153646441477
  8. Those are great but I suppose you would have to be under 5ft so you don't smack your head.😆😅😆😅
  9. Yeah. I thought that might be the case. But. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but toying with the idea of Lambo door hinges. Purely because the doors are so long and car parking spaces are so small.
  10. So! Door hinge pins. After much thrashing with the extractor tool including freeing oil, heat, brake fluid, auto transmission oil. Bloody things wouldn't budge. Short of cutting the hinges off. Used air saw in the gap. Weirdly, with air to the saw took the teeth off the blade. Remove air supply and use as a hacksaw, took a while but cut through slowly. Top of hinge pins 1st then jack up door, all while door was shut, and cut through bottom of hinge pins. Took 1 day and 3 blades to cut through.
  11. Just thinking out loud. Rear disc brake conversion. Is there any chance that the front discs will work? Have seen a lot of posts about Mk5 Astra discs with Machining and drilling but I would like to keep the 13" Rostyles on it.
  12. Hi evo03. I think its thickish cord wrapped round twice with sealant. Bonded screens I leave to auto glass and the like. Rest of the restoration should be easy providing I can get my mig working and paying for an A* paint job.
  13. Right. I am proud of myself. 1st time ever that I have taken glass out of anything. Once it stops popping back out. 25mins. Whoop whoop!
  14. So. 2hrs 15 screw drivers 6 trim removal tools and some rivets and still the windscreen won't come out. Bloody rubber keeps popping back into place 🤬🤬🤬
  15. https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApyTl_-A4GXkg0YChcJdYXLXaz4z What I've got.🤔
  16. Thanks both. So. It was time to get her out of my garage and start the restoration. Been in there since 1998. Right. Screens and door hinges. Is best for screens to get them out from the inside with the rubber still on? Hinge pins, tried the pin removal tool, didn't shift just bent the bar and expanded the pins. No play in the hinges now though 🤣🤣🤣. Any other suggestions?
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