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  1. Is this stuff any good Keith? I was tempted to try it on the interior lock surrounds.
  2. Do you still have any centre consoles left? Just the bottom section. Hermes have conveniently lost the one I'd just bought. Cars an 85 GTE. Thanks
  3. You sure? Here he is admiring my car. He can't wait to start on something decent 🤣🤣🤣
  4. Think he's rushing Paul so he can start mine 😁
  5. I'm certainly not accusing anyone of dragging their feet. It's been a difficult 18 months. I'd rather have the best panel available. If you've asked Dave not to do the panels the club is having manufactured and your request has been ignored that's not on. There's plenty of other panels that's unavailable he could have made. Rear floors? Put me down for a club battery tray please Paul.
  6. I wouldn't be so hasty. How far off from production are you? Dave has only just taken deposits for the kick panels. Delivery is 6 to 8 weeks away. He hasn't asked for orders on the battery tray. Me personally I'd rather support the club. Better chance of these panels being available again in the future. I guess Dave will only ever do one run.
  7. Few more pictures of the floors (well lack of them). And a sneak preview of the passenger side. Removed the headlights. This area is actually quite good. You can see how bad the o/s inner wing is clearly.
  8. As the title. wanted dark grey centre console for my GTE Coupe. Got a little heavy handed and damaged mine trying to remove the rear screw. Thanks
  9. Vince


    This is the advert you can't find Keith
  10. Managed to steal an hour to spend on the Manta. Managed to get the door step plastic trim off and the rear outer seat bracket off. Lifted the carpets. Not good 😞 Managed to get the rear seat out, after a clean up this is what I found. How did this survive with minimal damage seeing the rear window was missing for so long?
  11. Doors are exactly the same Coupe & Hatch. It's the glass that's different.
  12. And the sections from the inner wings to the headlights. I've got part of a NOS Cavalier nose cone I'm carefully dismantling.
  13. I always look on the positive side. The roof is good so I'll just start from there and work my way down.🤣
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