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  1. Thanks. I'll take some photos when I finally get the bonnet open
  2. Thanks for the tip. Are the sections between the inner wing & nose cone available or do I need to raid a used set? Still investigating what the car needs. As soon as I get the bonnet finally open (going to have to get brutal with it) and remove the seats / carpets I'll have a better understanding of the task ahead.
  3. Thanks Replacement inner wings, rear panel & the crossmember under the front seats (highlighted in the picture are difficult to find.
  4. Thanks, The task ahead is very scary. The O/S swan neck is non existent The current stage of the project is the hunt for parts. Stock is slowly growing but plenty still to find. Can anyone fix the upside down Photo's & tell me why some are posting this way?
  5. Finally viewing the car (agreed to take the car back unseen) showed up the true horror of the task ahead. Sitting in the garden for 20 years had taken it's toll. Not sure why some photo's are uploading upside down. Any idea's ? Moving the car during a lockdown was fun. No Choice really as Kev was selling the house it had to go. Mind another winter in that garden would have probably finished it off. Now tucked up in it's temporary home whilst I source parts.
  6. LoL yeah the brambles came in through the missing rear window.
  7. Fast forward 25 years, As I've said I loved that Manta. Toyed with getting another one numerous times, always glancing through Ebay and autotrader but for whatever reason never took the plunge again. earlier this year for once I looked on Facebook Market place. Up popped an advert for a rough Manta GTE for restoration. The first photo was the front of the car. "Nice Exclusive" I thought seeing the twin lights & red decals. Looked at the second photo which was the rear of the car & nearly fell off my seat. Staring at me was the registration C419 GOV!!! It was my car! Didn't recognise it from the front due to the broken number plate. Didn't care about the condition had to have the car back. Then followed what seems like hours of frantic messages & calls finally got hold of the owner. It was Kev, Mum's ex partner. Deal done & "The GOV" was mine again. Just the small task of moving the car.
  8. Though it was about time I started a thread for the long road ahead. I've had numerous Manta's back in the 80's and 90's. Started off with a 83 Berlinetta hatch (TOC 80Y wonder what happened to that?), had a 1.8 coupe non sunroof with a 400 kit (soon grew out of that) and finally C419 GOV which was the best car I ever owned. Had this car for a number of years. Loved it. Pampered it. Then life got in the way. Marriage, kids, Mortgage reluctantly the Manta had to go. The Manta was easy to sell, Mum's partner Kev wanted it. Perfect I thought, I could keep an eye on it and when the time was right buy it back. Sale was agreed with the condition that I had first option to buy it back when it came up for sale again. Deal done. Then disaster. Mum & Kev split up! Not long after we lost Mum. The car although now a long way down the priority list was gone. Or so I thought!
  9. Yes I'll give it a good home. It's going on my GTE coupe. Unfortunately not the right colour. Doesn't matter as the whole car is being repainted during the restoration.
  10. I've bought it. Collecting as soon as the lockdown is over
  11. Almost a complete shell again Keith. Keep up the good work. Nearly there now.
  12. Just ordered a set. Should be here in 3 weeks. I'll let you know what they are like. Though tbh I've only ever heard good reviews of his work.
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