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  1. Here's a picture showing the front seats. They are filthy. Hopefully removing them in a few weeks when I get the car home.
  2. Fronts should mostly clean up. Think the bolsters will need some attention. Rear will need a complete retrim if it's even savable?
  3. I have a pair in similar condition which will be available soon. Also have the subframes (No sliders) and a very very rough coupe rear seat ( car sat outside missing the rear screen killed that). If anyone is interested get in touch.
  4. That's what I've paid in just February this year. Mind I did have to add shipping costs from Malta.
  5. These are just over double the price I've just paid for a pair. In fact I've purchased both rear wings and a rear panel for just over the price of one of those.
  6. Amazing what you find when sifting through old posts. I remember this car very well. I took Frank to collect it when he first bought it. Original engine was seized and the front drivers wing was rotten. Frank replaced the engine with a spare we had, replaced the wing, quick respray and it was on the road. Hours we spent looking for original parts. Rear bumper over riders & rubber strip were difficult to find. Nice to see that it's still about but slightly upset that it was modified.
  7. How come last post Keith? Thought you'd post until the car is finished?
  8. Both rear wings and the rear panel. Chap had them in his garage for nearly 20 years and never used them.
  9. Yes very expensive. Didn't help the piggy bank that I had to pay for shipping from Malta to the uk.
  10. Due to the current lockdown no actual work has taken place on the car (it's stored 30 miles from home). However doesn't stop me collecting all the parts it's going to need. Here's some of the latest purchases.
  11. Thanks. I'll take some photos when I finally get the bonnet open
  12. Thanks for the tip. Are the sections between the inner wing & nose cone available or do I need to raid a used set? Still investigating what the car needs. As soon as I get the bonnet finally open (going to have to get brutal with it) and remove the seats / carpets I'll have a better understanding of the task ahead.
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