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  1. Hello Andy Thank you for the link - some great images on there - I hope I make half as good a job as you have! The front passengers wing is shot to be honest - drivers is savable but this is the issue I have on the N/S.... it has seen better days. All the bubbles on the lower front can be poked through with a finger Rear wheel arches are bubbled, there is some filler on the sides and the floor will need patched but the base is reasonable I think. Inner wings need a small patch but otherwise look ok
  2. Hello All, I have picked myself up a long term project A series - some of you may have seen the yellow 1971 1.9 S that was on Facebook recently! My plan is to take my time, do as much as I can myself and enjoy the process. Before I start the stripdown I was going to see how easily (ha ha ha) I can source parts in the UK. I have sourced some parts so far but it will need so much to put it right. I know I can find the parts for sale on German Ebay so I am not too worried about sourcing them if searching in the UK fails! At the moment I am looking for: Front wings - passenger side for certain Nose panel - upper for certain and lower Bonnet - mine is separated - can be fixed obviously if I cant find a decent one but it will be tons of work Boot floor panel including the spare wheel well Thank you for taking the time to read this! Regards Stu
  3. Yeah she certainly does..... can't take any credit for that though. It was all Big Stu's work...... I think I just look good in it though! 🤣🤣
  4. That was me!!! I waved back but only saw you waving as we passed. We went out for a final run of the year as it was such a nice day, made it to the Green Wellie for lunch then up to the Black Mount for a photo!
  5. Post just came! Brilliant fella and just perfect for me! Thank you mate 🤣
  6. Thanks Robah, I am sure I will find any answers I need and be educated along the way! Sounds like my kind of club too! Cheers Stu, thats me just home so I will wait on the postie!!!
  7. Thanks for the welcome. I had been looking for a starter car to restore but I bought Big Stu's car which he has already restored to a very high standard. My intention is to maybe make a few subtle changes to the car to put my stamp on her! Nothing major at all, only to compliment the work and effort thats already gone into the car!
  8. Just popping in to say hello. My name is Stu and I live in Central Scotland 👋. In my early working life I was a time served mechanic so have always enjoyed working on my cars. I recently bought a car from a member....thanks Big Stu.... and rejoined the world of Manta ownership. Probably like a few of the people on here I had one in my youth and loved it. A W plate 2.0 SR Berlinetta that I had for about 5 years before letting her go. I had just completed a build for my partner.... a Suzuki Cappuccino of all things and really enjoyed the experience of that so set about looking for a car to restore for myself. In the past I've owned a few older cars, most notably a very early P6 Rover so had an idea of what i was letting myself in for. I had seen quite a few other cars in various stages of decomposition. Mantas were up at the top of my wish list because of my old one and I wanted a good starter car.....but after seeing her in a few photos kept I coming back to 'Molly' as she is known. Thanks to Big Stu for allowing me to continue the story with her. Hopefully you will all be gentle with me asking dumb questions till I find my feet! All the best for now! Stu
  9. Thanks for letting me have her Stu, been a pleasure meeting you and Jack in the process as well getting the car!
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