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  1. Dear Martin, Thanks for a very informative reply to my question. All my Mantas in the 80s had a sunroof so perhaps that's why I thought this one should lol. As for wash wipe headlights is it still possible to source these? If not what about twin headlamps instead? Thanks again Regards David
  2. Thanks very much for the info on this car Martin, it does look very good. The price seems a bit strong though for a hatch although it looks to be one of the best out there. What would you pay for it now? Regards David
  3. It looks nice although I see it has no wash wipe or sunroof, the latter probably due to corrosion. Do you know the car? Regards David
  4. Well if I wasn't serious about the car and excepting a family emergency on my way up to see it then I wonder why I spent good money on an HPI report and an inspection from a local garage. Obviously the garage is more likely to see the owner again rather than me and would no doubt bear that in mind when talking to the owner. I am szurely not expecting a concours car lol..... having owned many classic cars. It is a car with potential as I have said to the owner. Its just that the price is wrong. With regard to showing him my other classics this was because he commented words to the effect' if you follow that classic car market like I do then you would buy the car at the asking price' ..... well having received such a condescending remark, clearly I had to display my own credentials with regard to classic cars as a genuine enthusiast like he is who does indeed follow the market, including Opel Manta's. 🙂 to conclude I would still buy it if the price was right. Kind regards all David
  5. Dear All, As some of you already know I am in the market for an Opel Manta (GTE or GTE Exclusive), having had five Mantas during the 1980s from a SR Berlinetta to a GTE Exclusive I find I want one again. I have cash waiting for the right car be it a Coupe or a Hatch. Please get in touch if you have a car for sale or know of one Many thanks. Regards David
  6. Hi Chris, Well to tell you the truth circumstances stopped me from viewing in person, but I did have it inspected. Whilst work was done to get the MOT back in June there remains extensive corrosion throughout, particularly the chassis rails where they meet the body, some localised holes in the tub floor, a leaky diff, an engine oil leak, poor paintwork down both the offside and nearside, defective headlights and corrosion behind the sunroof hatch. Nonetheless, if I could agree a fair price I might yet acquire the vehicle. Kind regards David
  7. Hello again. I am already a Member of the Club and thanks for letting me know about your car which may be available , but if I buy a Coupe it will have to be a GTE or GTE Exclusive. Thanks David
  8. Thanks Danny and Dave, I really appreciate your feedback. I was just checking on the MOT history on Gov.UK and Danny you really did go through a lot to get the MOT. I see there were a lot of structural issues which I assume you rectified when it was repainted? Also some electrical gremlins I see. Incidentally, even if the colour was wrong both the exterior and the interior look good from the photos. As a matter of interest did the sun hatch open when you last sold it? Obviously there are more options with engine problems than structural ones which can be terminal. So really bad outcome could be engine rebuild and re looming, .... gulp 😓 but I'll go over it thoroughly tomorrow and report what i decide to do. As with all classic cars there is always a chance of finding something you didn't bargain for so if i make an offer it will reflect that. Thanks again David
  9. Hi Danny, If you don't mind me asking what things did you change to try to sort out the running issues? Looking at the pictures on here it might suggest you suspected a head gasket was the problem as you've had the head off and skimmed it. The vendor says it had running issues but is now fine after he replaced the ECU? Did you not try that? Many thanks. Regards David
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