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  1. Sorry Steve, I can't make this one, Will be OK for the next one.
  2. I should be there.
  3. I'm in, summer use only for the Manta then Steve.
  4. Update, this is cancelled this month, sorry for late post.
  5. I should be there if anyone else is going
  6. Sorry can't make this one๐Ÿ™
  7. Hi Andy, is this what you are looking for, it's a1.9 CIH. Mick
  8. Yes, look forward to meeting you.
  9. Hi, the next meet is at The Gap Inn Church Lane, Muston, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG13 0FD 01949 842374 we usually meet up in the car park 7.30pm onwards.
  10. Hi Chris, this month's meeting is on the 13th, look forward to seeing a fully functioning Manta in the car park.
  11. Didn't realize there was one tonight, don't think I will be going as we will be at MH from Thursday, will catch up then if you are going.
  12. Me and Neil are going tonight any one else going.
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