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  1. I know what you guys mean. A lot of people have said that to me but my thought process kind of goes like this. I'm planning to do a bored out 1.9l with 1.6 crank and lifters, a sports cam, a ported head, bigger valves and maybe a lightened flywheel. With the setup I mentioned earlier I should be pushing around 150- 160 HP which as I'm told the 1.6 drivetrain can't handle, so I would probably need a stronger gearbox and new front and rear axles. I won't mention the other suspension and brake upgrades. All of that I currently can't afford and I'm dying to do anything to make the car more fun. : )
  2. Hi guys! I'm looking to do some upgrades on my 1.6s manta b engine. I was searching the internet for what to do to get a little more power out of it, so here's my plan. Since I'm planning to upgrade to 2.0 liter engine in the future I was looking for mods that I can carry over to the 2.0 L engine in the future. I saw on the forums that the enem y12 camshaft is a good choice for the 2.0 so I'm wondering can I use it with the 1.6 for a while. I also saw that DCOE 44/45 weber carburetors are good option so that makes me wonder what do I have to do to make them suitable for the 1.6 or maybe there's a better option. I'm wondering how much power can I make with this setup or something similar. I'll take any help I can get! Thanks in advance!!
  3. Thanks for the reply, but my car isn't sky blue, it's actually orange. I've heard those hayes manuals are a real lifesaver. I was planning on using an aftermarket unit because it seemed easier to do, but I'm on the verge. I would like to modify the car but also keep it looking stock. Will do a little more research. If I end up needing help with the cluster I will make sure to reach out to you! Thanks again😉
  4. Hi guys! I've got a question about a rev counter installation. I've got a '78 1.6s manta b coupe and I can't find anywhere how to wire up the tachometer, when searching I found some stuff for the manta a's or GTE and 1.9 models, but nothing for the 1.6, also I should mention I'm not very experienced mechanic so I'm not sure if that stuff from other models is relatable.😬 So, my question is: can it be done at all, if yes ,how to do it and what parts apart from a different gauge cluster do I need? Thanks in advance!
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