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  1. I would say it looks better without, but that's just because I was watching them. I went to buy them half a day later and they'd sold to you!!!! 😁😁😁 They look great and well worth the £30 to protect the back panels.
  2. If they're going in the bin, would you mind if I have the headrests off them please? Happy to pay for postage and a little beer money for your troubles.
  3. Works been slow on the car as I've been busy with other things but I've been making sure I have everything ready for when I start work. I found some door pockets from a mini on eBay and thought it better to test the vinyl dye colours on them before approaching the dash. They're 50*14*6cm so should fit onto the door cards well. The external screws also means fitting will be super easy and the holes should be hidden by the carpet once removed. Navy blue looked the closest, but I wasn't sure without seeing it sprayed and dried. the inside of the pockets will be the least noticeable and the beige original colour is a good base to spray onto. I did forget to scuff it up with a pad so the front will get a light scuffing. Navy Blue: Light Navy Blue: I've yet to check in natural light against the original trim panels but it looks like the navy blue wins the day so far. The light navy can always be used for other things and it might work better on darker substrates.
  4. It's not the same but this from a Corsa might do the job at a stretch https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vauxhall-Sun-Visor-Clip-Cavalier-Calibra-Astra-Omega-Corsa-Used-/274462910815?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  5. It was getting to that point trying to find them at a reasonable price. I eventually found someone selling them for £5 each on FB so I bought 3. If you want to borrow the 3rd one for measurements, just let me know.
  6. The car has a cheap and cheerful Bluetooth radio that fits, looks okay and has all the right connections. So, just the speakers to add for now. The 2mm foam I ordered arrived today along with some connectors so I think I have most of what I need to make a start this weekend. I should have bought 4mm foam but I've doubled up the 2mm stuff instead and it'll raise the drivers up off the parcel shelf. With some glue and tidying up with a soldering iron, I won't notice they're there. In other news, I think I've decided upon the zinc-rich epoxy primer route so am on the lookout for a 3hp compressor. Dash dye should arrive for experiments next week.
  7. Couldn't agree more. I was looking at some 80s speakers but they looked too space age for a saloon car and more complicated to replace drivers. These have the added advantage of not looking worth stealing. I also bought a Kenwood underseat subwoofer to tuck away somewhere for a little extra kick. I got one for my sister's MK4 Escort and it's enough for occupants to enjoy without inviting the whole town to listen too.
  8. I wanted to add some new speakers to the rest parcel shelf but cutting holes is just something I or someone else will regret later. After a bit of searching over Christmas I found 3 matching speaker pods on Facebook at a steal so I got them cleaned up and fitted some new 4" apeakers to do the car with sound. Unfortunately the new drivers are deeper and protude beneath the housing by a few mm. A little foam padding should sort that. Also wanted to measure up for new aluminium faceplates.
  9. While I continue researching the abyss of paints (it's too cold anyway!), I decided to get started on the dash and audio as well as clean up some of the spares I've picked up. First up is the centre console, dash and front trim bought from Richard. After a clean with soapy water and some black trim polish, the centre console looks great. The chrome trim still isn't perfect as there are some hard stubborn white spots that autosol and polishing cloths wouldn't shift and it still needs straightening. I can use this spare to practice approaches before tackling the other trim which needs attention. The dash will be painted with vinyl dye once it arrives but the rust and peeling foam on the underside will need sorting first. The speaker is a very strange size 7x3" and has dual inputs for stereo output. I can't find a replacement but fortunately it works so it'll be fine for now with the others I'm adding. 🙂
  10. I suppose you might have already made your decision by now but I would definitely go with carpet (black or possibly red), on the flat inner sections and leave the outside areas as black plastic. Hopefully that would stop things sliding around quite so much. I'm ordering some foam for other things so will see how foam/rubber would work. One of the solutions to the modification Vs preservation is to find a spare which you can play with. In my case, I think the spare is in better condition!
  11. Thanks all. With the fuse removed it starts almost on the first turn so sounds like you're on the money with the door switch at fault or something on that circuit at least. I've got a couple of spare headlight switches to try as well and will take a look at the door, especially now I'll be able to get it out of the garage to fully open the door. The heater blower still makes a funny growling noise on the first setting though which is new to me. I'll have a poke around when I poke around the dash for the radio. Wow, I didn't know it could do that! Didn't fix the issue but very good to know. I've been cursing that the light won't stay on with the door closed and couldn't find the button to do it. I don't remember reading it in the books either but I probably wasn't looking properly. You've got to love the multifunction switches and controllers on old cars!
  12. Cheers, I'll take a look tomorrow. My first idea was the door switch failing closed but if it's just a loose wire that's even better
  13. Hi all, I just went to start my Cavalier and it wouldn't start. Normally I'd just recharge and have another go, but a few things have thrown me. At first, it turned over nicely but didn't catch. Then it started struggling, lights pulsing/flickering so presumably a flat battery. Weirdly, after it failed to start the 2nd go, the interior light came on and then has stayed on even with the door fully closed or by manually pressing the door switch. It's still on now 15 minutes later with ignition out and doors closed and looks like it'll continue to draw lower from the battery so charging would be a little pointless until it's sorted. It wasn't on before I got in. Earlier this week I noticed a little wetness under the passenger foot mat so took it out to dry. I assumed it was just some spilt squash from a bottle in the car, but the fan/heater made a somewhat gurgling sound so I wondered if there was a coolant that could have leaked. If so it might explain the interior light as a short of some kind. My plan is to pull the fuse for the interior light, charge it overnight and try again in the morning. Any idea on the persistent interior light and advice on what to do? Thanks in advance, Matt
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