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  1. As Trooker says, I think they're the same rating and size etc, just connectors that are different.
  2. How do you get your brightwork and badges so shiny and have you clear coated them to preserve the shine?
  3. Okay, I've taken measurements of it as best I could today. It seems fairly simple in design. Annoyingly some of the measurements were good for millimeters and others were better as imperial so there's a mix. Ive added some photos to make up for the bad sketching. You'd never guess I did A Level Fine Art. My best guess at material would be polyethylene or perhaps polypropylene. If anythings's not clear, let me know.
  4. I was a little distracted today as what I thought was my only key snapped in the door lock. Turns out the one I had cut 6 months ago works if you're careful so phew. Ill get it measured sometime this week.
  5. If you'd like to scan mine, you're welcome to. The main damage is to the outer circle, which would be easy to recreate in CAD once scanned. Alternatively, I could take measurements and make a drawing (I won't promise a cad file as it's been months since my PC was turned on).
  6. I'd like to fit some GLS armrests but only have one of the plugs for the upper portion of the handle and it's not in great condition. Any chance anyone has a couple kicking around? Cheers, Matt
  7. I'm heading to a parts open day tomorrow where I think theres a pair but they probably won't be in great nick and could do with a good clean or possibly recovering. They do look to have pockets though which is something. If you PM me your number I can send you some pictures on Saturday morning and arrange drop off, unless anyone has better ones lying around.
  8. I have a Kenwood KSC SW11 in my C1 and it's plenty bassy to take the strain off the smaller speakers. I bought one for my Cavalier and it fits under the front seat nicely. I've run everything except the switched live from the ignition/lighter as I could only find a continuous live. Similar sized underseat subwoofers are available from Clarion and Pioneer or budget options from China. Clarion SRV313 or 303 Pioneer TS WX110 Pioneer TS WX130 Or there's the Pioneer TS WX70 which wont fit under the seat but is low profile so could work well in the boot without taking up space. models
  9. From what I've seen, Dave doesn't make much on the panels but feedback is good. The zintec is a nice touch. If Express are being such an issue, is there not a solution to be found with Dave and his supplier. Or would that be stepping on his toes?
  10. Very attractive looking cars and with a good engine should fetch nice money
  11. I ordered a rubber filler grommet from Edelschmeide for my four door but I wasn't sure if it was even something that they came with.
  12. If it's the ones with black rubber centres they're in eBay. The pure aluminium hockey strips have a smaller Clip that's harder to find.
  13. This is looking incredible. Smooth and glossy and such a nice colour. Did you paint the underside of the bonnet with stonechip or sound deadener?
  14. Excellent! I think I can handle a little sealant. I have a spare yoga mat but I've seen spray on sound deadening which shouldnt be a moisture trap and would be over-paintable. Probably costs more than a cheap yoga mat though. I've messaged the seller but it looks like they might have shut up shop. Edelschmeide is a similar price after tax so if I can find enough to order (which it turns out I can), postage per item will be minimal
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