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  1. I can never remember if the windscreens are all the same across coupes, hatches and saloons. I wonder if it's worth keeping the windscreen corners/top to save effort when it inevitably rusts?
  2. Well I'm glad I picked one up in good nick for about £30-50 a few months ago then! Is it just me who suspects it could just be a really well cleaned and possibly remachined part?
  3. What do people use to bond them to the car when the bolts are gone? I've seen rivets but they don't look too clean.
  4. I know you can use radio spectroscopy to identify what rubber it is and probably the filler material. But would there be any chance of sourcing original documentation from GM on the ratios of fibre to rubber and the stir time, cure time etc?
  5. Hi all, After stupidly letting one literally slip through my fingers, I'm looking for a 4 spoke steering wheel from a Cavalier GLS. Hopefully someone can help. Bonus points for the horn/centre badge etc. Picture as an example:
  6. There's half of one on eBay for £40
  7. I might have the sun visor clips if evo doesn't.
  8. Unfortunately between housework, garden work and starting to do bedtimes and mornings, I've not had much time or energy for the car over the last month. Hopefully the wheels haven't flash rusted. My little one has also outgrown her carseat. She has a new ISOFIX one but I need to find another belted one to keep the family trips going. In better news I did find the time to base coat the front spoiler this week. The surface finish is really rough so it'll get rubbed down and resprayed but it's nice to be able to check if the colour code was in the right ball park. Once it's good, I think I'll make a start on the underside of the bonnet.
  9. I think I have some spare surrounds but not sure how many or condition.
  10. I was going to respond but then I saw you wanted new or unmarked. I only have used door card clips and plastic door trim. I was trialling different methods of refinishing the chrome effect door trims using paints and Molotov markers. First impressions were that Molotov markers did an okay job from a distance but I still need to try clearcoating my chrome effect paints.
  11. I'm pretty sure this is the stuff. At only £20 you could f*** up about 5 times and still be quids in https://www.woolies-trim.co.uk/p-1648-millboard
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