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  1. This is looking incredible. Smooth and glossy and such a nice colour. Did you paint the underside of the bonnet with stonechip or sound deadener?
  2. Excellent! I think I can handle a little sealant. I have a spare yoga mat but I've seen spray on sound deadening which shouldnt be a moisture trap and would be over-paintable. Probably costs more than a cheap yoga mat though. I've messaged the seller but it looks like they might have shut up shop. Edelschmeide is a similar price after tax so if I can find enough to order (which it turns out I can), postage per item will be minimal
  3. Bonnet stays rust and rubber bump stops!!! I was cleaning the underside of my bonnet yesterday ahead of the thought of stripping it back and noticed the panel is loose from the box section. The little spacer cones that were presumbly welded in place have flaked off. Is this easily repairable by a competent mobile welder (not me)? It's probably why it's a little on the loud side, combined with some worn out bump stops on the wings. edelschmiede postage to UK is expensive so I should grab a few things. If anyone wants to do a group buy to save postage, let me know. I also finally found a paint shop that advertises Sapphire Blue Metallic L218/3BB/25L. So, I'll make sure I understand what I need (zinc epoxy, Hb primers, base, clear etc) and that all the Chemistry plays nice with each other and make an order in a month or so. Unless anyone recommends a better base coat/overall paint system. https://www.autopaint-pro.co.uk/1l-opel--vauxhall-paint-waterbased-codes-20---2zu-2827-p.asp
  4. It passed its MOT in June but they mentioned a weeping brake proportioning valve and a slow leak from the auto box and diff. I managed to find a NOS proportioning valve on eBay and agreed an acceptable price. I think I'll replace the brake lines over the winter, possibly upgrading the brakes too if there's anything that'll fit under a 13" rostyle. The inner wing needs attention too. Shiny new part. No. 9077017 to help anyone with a search. Shortly after the MOT, I started to notice a weird smell (petrol/oil), coming through the vents. It's had what looks like upgraded fuel lines SAE 30 R9 but the engine is filthy and taking a look at the steering/suspension it's the same. It looks suspiciously like someone tried to drain the oil from the oil pump rather than the sump. Not sure how you call yourself a mechanic and manage that but nevermind. I started cleaning it yesterday so I can see the oil leaks for the grime. It looks way better and it was nice to finally use the car ramps. I'll have a go at the engine block and gearbox soon. I've also been accumulating parts and identifying more little jobs to do. All small things that contribute to a better car. Cosmetic and functional. Trim bits like badges, window winders, door handles and surrounds. And some more useful bits like mudguards and bumper brackets. Hopefully I'll get round to fitting them sometime but I want to polish the arch trim at the same time and am still working out the best way to polish out the white spots and chips. I have a spare nose trim to practise on and I'm currently trying sanding it down smooth and then progressing to finer papers but it's going to take ages. I think I need to upgrade to small flap discs.l unless there's a better method? The wheels are looking a little sorry for themselves too so I'll be contacting a local powder coater to get them done.
  5. (I'll work out the upside down photos soon). It's been a while since I updated this but in fairness, not much has happened other than parts accumulation and VBOA. I got the passenger door pocket on but screws on the driver's side keeping fouling the door so the card needs to be off to do a clean job. I'm happy with the match and its good to have another place to store things away. I fitted also some rear seatbelts so I could have an inaugural family outing. Securon 254 3 point belts and 210 lap belt if anyone was wondering. The mounting holes are already there on the c pillar, hidden under the headliner. Thank you for being so forward thinking Vauxhall! Looks nice and smart and safe for special passengers now.
  6. I have a Kenwood KSC SW11 in my C1 so bought one for my Cavalier. It fits under the driver's seat and it fills the car with bass and takes the strain off the 4" speakers so they can do their thing. There's similar low profile subwoofers from Clarion and Pioneer.
  7. Did you ever solve this problem? I'm having the same problem trying to find Sapphire Blue Metallic in the UK. Tbf, it may just be my inexperience though!
  8. That colour is lovely. What interior are you going for?
  9. Ill PM you 🙂
  10. Are those grab handles for sale?
  11. There's a chap in Southend with two front Valence panels on FB marketplace. Ones New Old Stock, the other is used.
  12. Was that a nice little orange Chevette at 6:16? That also had some cracking drifting by some drivers.
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