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  1. Literally made a complete balls of this. Had every plan of bidding and had a shocking day at work and at 7.00pm when I finished I remembered there was an auction. Couldn't believe the price, I thought it would be more considering what's gone before. Anyway my fault for not putting in a max offer while I was looking at it Monday evening.
  2. Don't suppose anyone knows how much it went for ? Sorry just opened my eyes. €5600.00 seems like a bargain in the current climate.
  3. Well that has well and truly put my plans for rekindling my younger days in a Manta back in its box. I seen that it needed the swan necks, rear arches doing and maybe some more. That work alone would cost ??? Fantastic news for all of you in current ownership. Maybe I'll look at a Viva 😁
  4. Jonathan, cheers for that. Yes, I had seen that for sale, it looks a beauty and is a credit to it's owner. It's styling is not really for me, but again is lovely overall.
  5. Can you let me know what facebook page that is on. The link won't work for me, cheers.
  6. What an amazing thread. It's not only brilliant but also a little overwhelming to see just what might be required when the dreaded rust sets in. Certainly not for the faint hearted or those with a lack of space or welding equipment !
  7. Cheers for the welcome. The red one is over in the West, it has definitely been brought in from the UK at some stage. I can't make out the reg off any of the documents. We're under local restrictions until the 18th and I won't be in a position to go before Christmas. If it's still available I may enquire on it. Thanks for that, hopefully in 2021 about 30 years on from my first Manta I might get my second 🤞
  8. Thanks Chris, I'm really buzzing even talking about them again. I happened upon a very sorry looking Manta about 6 weeks ago in a field with not much left of it, but even in that state I was all over it. My brother had one as well, so between us we've never gotten over our love for them.
  9. Thanks a million, I'm not entirely sure I know what I'm letting myself in for ! Cheers for the welcome. I'm not overly dead set on a coupe or hatch, something that needs a little work or is good to go. I suppose I know I'm not ready for a huge project. Obviously they are thin on the ground as you say, there is one for sale over in Kerry at the minute, but we are subject to restrictions between counties so I can't do anything at the moment. The posts on here are brilliant, I'm really excited to be back even talking about Manta's, I adored mine.
  10. Hello all, after many years just hovering on the site I've decided to sign up with the intention of getting back into Manta's. Way way back in 1992 (or 1991 maybe) I purchased a black GTE hatch, C533 DYX. I've never gotten over that car or Manta's since. I was 18 and I thought I was the business. Move on too many years and now I'm looking at these beauties again. It will be a massive indulgence but I can't get my head turned. So hopefully at some stage in the near future I will be driving one of these magnificent cars again. Thanks in advance for any advice or help you may offer. Also please accept my thoughts to you all on the passing of your friend. May he RIP.
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