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  1. I'd just like to thank all of you good people for your help, I got the tappets nicely sorted out this morning, the oil raiser has been fitted, I thought I'd better check the ignition timing while I was at it too. A good job I did really as it was 1 inch past the timing mark ( retarded) I'm surprised it ran at all. Once set up correctly and tick over was reduced, I went for a test drive. I was amazed by the transformation! Effortless power, probably 30% up on before, an almost silent tick over, the clatter was gone! And a huge smile across my face! What great cars these truly are. Practical classics summed them up with their road test a few years ago, they tested the Cavalier 2000 GLS ( Vauxhalls own) against the mk2 and mk3 front wheel drive models saying that you could use one every day and wish for nothing more. Next job tomorrow is the tracking as in straight ahead driving the steering wheel is pointing left by 2 inches. Thanks again guys!
  2. Hi Andy thanks for the reply,  yes please, just the two if you can spare them. Thanks. 

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      Hi Paul

      I will have a rummage in the loft and see what i can find and will let you know.



  3. Thanks Chris, I've only just seen your last post, I'll have a look. I have replaced the clean tappets back in and tightened down the nuts, on starting the engine I was disappointed with the level of clatter, I let the engine warm up a bit then my neighbour came round for ten minutes, after restarting the engine I was amazed that very quickly one by one the tappets all went quiet, obviously by now filled with oil. One more question though please, once the valve is closed, is it ok that theres a little bit of movement on the rocker arm? I'm just concerned I've over tightened the nuts. Thanks Paul.
  4. Yes mate, the tube is missing, the previous owner put a new twin choke Weber on two years ago, I may need to incorporate the smaller tube with the larger one.
  5. Hello, just after 2 threaded rocker studs for my '79 Cavalier 2000 please if anyone has some, needed by next weekend if possible. Paul on 07446298234. Thanks!
  6. Hello again folks, and a happy new year to you all! I've taken all of the tappets out and I'm soaking them in Petrol, I've dismantled the first 4 down to the ball bearing and tiny second spring and left them to soak, plan on doing the second 4 tomorrow or Sunday. I've got the oil raising tube from Ebay on the way as you've reccomended. A question I've thought of is when I reassemble the tappets do I prefill them with new oil? There was some oil inside them when I took them apart. Also one of the threaded posts that go through the rocker has lost some of its thread, most of the self locking nuts came away easily but one was very tight, there wasn't any consistency on the tightness of them. Theres a series of videos by an American chap on YouTube, he goes through the ins and outs of rebuilding these engines, upon resembling he put a dent in the top half of the nut using a hammer and chisel.
  7. Thanks again Chris, sorted out the oil pressure gauge and light today, I followed the wiring from the sender, it was laid alongside the sump resting on the front cross member, connected to....nothing! I pulled it carefully up and plugged it into the wiring loom plug by the heater motor. Result, gauge and light work perfectly! Can't think why it'd be unplugged but it has been for quite a bit going off the muck in the plug I had to clean out. Part on it's way, should be here on Monday.
  8. Yes I fully intend to join in January, can someone let me know the details please.
  9. Thanks for the advice guys! Is the oil raising tube easily available?
  10. Thanks very much Chris, I'm very pleased with the car, it drives really well and I intend to keep it as original as is possible. I've just changed the oil and filter, I've recently had to get a new voltage stabilizer unit as the temperature and Petrol gauges have just started to over read. Regards Paul.
  11. Thanks for the reply folks! Question 1. The oil pressure gauge goes directly to maximum when the ignition is switched on, the oil light doesn't come on but the bulb is ok. Am I correct in thinking the sender unit is kaput or is it something else? If it is the sender are they easy to get? Are they different to a normal one which just operates a bulb and no a gauge as well? I changed one on my first cavalier in '84. Question 2. My 1979cc engine is a bit tappety, it has the hydraulic valve lifters. After watching many YouTube videos I think the oilways may be blocked, causing the tappet to collapse, is there anything wrong with me removing / dismantling them, cleaning them thoroughly, refilling them with clean oil and refitting them? Again I've seen this on another video. I'm reluctant to buy new tappets as I'm worried they'll wear the cam out. Regards Paul.
  12. I bought this at the end of October, drove it back 300 miles from Glasgow with no problems . I've been after a 2000 GLS saloon for a while, a virtually identical car just sold at auction for £7100 + fees = £7800. Respray is 19 years old but is almost mint, rear arches are very sound, bubbles are in the paint. Original owner for first 39 years. Had to do a few jobs though, new front wheel bearing, ignition switch was tricky to operate, now replaced with 1995 corsa one which is identical, will keep original one though. Very pleased with the car, I've had a 1977 Cavalier GL saloon in the early 1980s, a 1900 Cavalier GLS coupe, an Opel Manta Berlinetta coupe, Y reg and 2 GTE coupes B and E reg, 20 years ago. Are there any experts on the CIH engine? I've got a few technical questions. Paul.
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