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  1. hmm it has had a new swan neck and jacking point on the O/S but only a repair to the N/S swan neck and the jacking point
  2. all the ones i am finding are 10 to 15mm smaller
  3. does any body know of any round rubber exaust mounts it has a opel part no.9 275 338 approx outside dia 65mm inside 38mm
  4. have a 24v head here it owes me £175
  5. HI HERMAN i notice your car still has the original bosch ignition amplifer could you tell me which one it is as i have found some with 0227 100 011 and others with 0227 100 028 regards simon
  6. has been up for sale for a year or so quite tired underneath ,A frame rear suspension also not to every persons liking. has been a very sussesfull car in the past
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