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  1. Hi Evo Could you posted a picture / copy ?
  2. Afternoon,, Would anyone have, or know the whereabouts of a 84 GTE fuel tank and sender unit ?? ? Cant seam to add a reply, bar a EDT here,, Thanks Mike, but its for a hatch, so guess different ?
  3. TJ101

    84 Manta GTE

    Sorry gentlemen , been a tad busy, and not had a lot of time to look here, or even at the Manta, Yes Martin, though i would ask a few question there as well Recon i will slowly do what's needed for the Mot,plus a bit more to interim preserve then if we are allowed out, used it a bit in spring time Set of tyres, hopefully something period branded , Pirelli, Goodyear, ? What did they fit from the factory ? Fluids (Brake, Box and Diff, Coolant etc)
  4. TJ101

    84 Manta GTE

    Thanks,, Did a search and found out Need to be a Click to become an OMOC Member. to see your picture mind ! Did have a good "Tap" all round, seams very solid ,, Next job is a dam good clean,, Yes Paul, Oil & a couple of filters ordered, for just the reason you mention, and why the king lead was pulled to crank over first Open to any comments/advise, good or bad
  5. TJ101

    84 Manta GTE

    OK, Swan Necks ? Can someone enlighten me ? Yep, a new set of 5 branded tyres are top of the list Not sure what were OE fit ??
  6. TJ101

    84 Manta GTE

    Had a hour this morning Drain most of the fuel, 25lts of fresh added, Full battery, and pulled the king lead, and spun over, Plugs out, clean up and refitted, king back on, and see fires into life Now starts and drives Underside all very good, not sign of rust in floor, sills, inner wings/bulkhead etc
  7. Just acquired this one One Owner from new, showing 40,800 miles, Last taxed 2002, and dry stored since then Will be given it a good look over, then decide whether to 1 Sell as is, ? 2 Get it up running/Mot but then leave as it is, then sell 3 Mot and running, and keep it a while, just as it is 4 Complete restore Guess it all down to what i find ?? Her resting place for the last 19/20 years Now to make a start ? see what we have
  8. Hopefully a picture of the TD plate ?
  9. Hi Def says Capacity 2.2 Cam Type M145R Head Type X Pack
  10. Thank you all, for the input I did ring Mark today, seams its a 2.2 Block, Big Valve head with solid lifters and uprated cam Picking the car up at the weekend, so will know more then, and see how i can post pictures here, with the TD plate etc
  11. As above really Anyone have a good R.Hand (Offside) UK headlamp unit for a 84 GTE
  12. Evening Jess I have a plate, attached to the l/hand front strut top, with a date (Nov 89) and listing Capacity (2.2), Head (X Pack) and Cam number ( M145) plus timing & valve clearance
  13. Good Evening All New member, and just bought a 84 GTE hatch in Silver , Has a few previously back on the day ! So apologize for the questions which i guess will pop up,, First one , Has anyone any info on the work that Torque Developments of Essex used to do ?? Think this one has had some subtle eng mods done ?? Thanks for any info there may be
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