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  1. Do you still need the light. If so can you send me your address please?
  2. Send me PM with your address. I'll post you be on the weekend f you like.
  3. I'll wait until I need some advice or a favor. I don't want any money for those. Stay in touch.
  4. I Sent a dipstick in a white card roll. Give it time! PS the starter was working up until January in a car. It came out servicable.
  5. Thanks all, I'll let them oh know what happens. I haven't had time to give Diane t a recent n but I have a bottle of Wynnes. It day 350mls to 20l of petrol and do 100 miles. I'll give that a go this week.
  6. No really sorry. I don't think I have them. Really sorry.
  7. What do you mean by door check straps please, do you have a photo?
  8. I'm going to try some Redex and a long drive. I'll take the plugs out and give them a clean, change the air filter and oil. As there was such a difference without the car being used it can't be much, the AFM must be ok if hasn't, been in use. I am suspecting it might be ignition timing, as the head was off that may be out but my old strobe light has it spot on. I hope to take it back next week and I was hoping someone has something difinative. Thanks for the offer of the AGM I appreciate that. Thanks but I'll try the other stuff and cross my fingers. Otherwise I'll be looking for a Crypton Tuner in Hampshire. Anyone know one?
  9. One more but of info, I've had the engine out and replaced the the head and dump baskets and the front and rear crank seals. So, the engine has only done 120 miles since last MOT. Then the HC reading was 139, yes 139 ppm. Strange things are afoot here !
  10. Not good! HC is unburnt fuel, the car has been standing a while, but starts and seems to drive ok. Any advice please? Timing, plugs, super unleaded, should I drop in some Redex and give it another go? Or the infamous AFM, should I take a screwdriver or allan key to that? Any direction would be gratefully accepted. THX. Anyone know someone with an old Crypton Tumer?
  11. Posted today for for very Tuesday. Detail for tracking in attachment. Let me know when you get them. We,'ll make sure it's all in I before we decide.
  12. Posted today for for very Tuesday. Detail for tracking in attachment. Let me know when you get them.
  13. I have been busy. I have them wrapped but haven't got to The post office. They are yours, just need to get them in the post.
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