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  1. I have one from an 84 GTE?

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    2. Troubled Taff

      Troubled Taff

      I am not too far away, Junction 7 M3. How urgent is it I could take a ride out on the weekend.

    3. conaero


      Not urgent mate. Drive down the M3 yesterday

    4. Troubled Taff

      Troubled Taff

      Ok I have a week off not next week, the week after, I'll bring it down. Stay safe.

  2. I'll check the part number on the other two in the pictures. Get back to you tomorrow.
  3. Ok what are we looking for here? Any way I can tell what you need?
  4. Had a rat in my shed, scared to go in, will adventure tomorrow to look for another switch. Sorry for the delay.
  5. Send me a picture, I'm sure I have one somewhere.
  6. Hi I'm after the mirror blank for the pax side door of a Manta B. I need the one with the inset and hole for an adjustable mirror? Any help would be greatly appreciated. THX.
  7. Do you still need the light. If so can you send me your address please?
  8. Send me PM with your address. I'll post you be on the weekend f you like.
  9. I'll wait until I need some advice or a favor. I don't want any money for those. Stay in touch.
  10. I Sent a dipstick in a white card roll. Give it time! PS the starter was working up until January in a car. It came out servicable.
  11. Thanks all, I'll let them oh know what happens. I haven't had time to give Diane t a recent n but I have a bottle of Wynnes. It day 350mls to 20l of petrol and do 100 miles. I'll give that a go this week.
  12. No really sorry. I don't think I have them. Really sorry.
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