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  1. Hi guys im looking for new set of black carpets for a 1985 Manta GTE coupe. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance Tom
  2. Hi guys I’m new to the forum. I am currently putting together a 400 replica and I’m at the stage of installing the headlining but as the car previously had a cassette sunroof that has been filled in I’m not now sure of the position of the headlining metal hoops. I never got any with the car so I would appreciate some pictures and if possible buy metal bars if anybody has some for sale. Failing that can anybody give me some dimensions so I could make some. Thanks
  3. hi all, looking for a bit of assistance. I’m currently building a 400 replica and my front and rear screen rubbers are not the best. Anybody got any idea where to look first. I’ve tried eBay and nothing. Cheers
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