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  1. no worries..I didn't think you being anything other helpful! 😄
  2. without a doubt..im not expecting to rock up to someone's house, pull back a dusty old sheet and see a minter for £500. I want something 'with good bones' as the yanks say.
  3. HI guys, Thanks for all of your replies. I agree with all your thoughts. I've owned many cars and have learnt the hard way. I would prefer a restored car with good provenance for many reasons, partly because I've been through it all before, although not with a car of this age. 18 months ago I sold a Subaru Impreza Type R that I, (and lots of professionals) restored from a 39k mile shell...The interior was in flawless, and i mean flawless condition. I had a closed, fully forged engine built, uprated turbo, 480hp with switchable Syvecs ECU, 6 speed short ratio rally spec gearbox etc etc..It went on and on...The car was sold to a company called Dreamcar Giveaways and was raffled off as a prize. It was a wallet busting labour of love, but took so much energy and logistics. A Manta would be easier (famous last words) as the mechanicals are simpler, but it can also be like buying an old house..You peel off layers and layers to reveal new horrors..err opportunities beneath the filler and newspaper. I think Jessopia hit the nail on the head..Daft as it sounds though, there are certain colours of cars that I just don't like..Some cars look awesome in certain colour that would horrendous on something else...Take the citrus yellow..on an A Series, I personally think it looks gorgeous, but on 99% of other car, it would be horrific...So...IF there was a great car but in the wrong colour I would either have to say goodbye, or factor in the cost/hassle of a respray..Which would be tragic if it was a beautiful paint job..
  4. Ive never had a go at welding but Im the type of bloke to learn anything and give it crack...but defer to some else's greater skill when i have to. Okay at working on cars. I draw the line at engine rebuilds though. I know all the practical but dont want to ruin everything. Ive had bikes for years, mostly Ducatis, and have done plenty of jobs on those. It all comes down to time and expense...That's why it might work out cheaper to buy a restored car, or one that only needs tidying up...I wish I'd bought the yellow one when it came up. I'd been looking on and off for years and years...but eventually just gave up Then a month or two after I'd bought something else and had no disposable cash, the perfect A Series came along...typical.
  5. Hi guys, thanks for the welcome. Manta resources seem a little thin on the ground compared to the Ford scene. Do you guys know of any other places worth looking at. I don't use Facebook though..always seems to end up on Jeremey Kyle. When life gets back to normal I'd love to come to a group meet...although I won't be in a GM! its been ages since I've seen a nice one...oh how i miss the cassette storage unit!
  6. As per the title, I just wanted to hi to everyone. I've been a petrol head since I was a kid, and have owned 40+ cars down the years but have recently decided to give up riding bikes (Ducati's are my 2 wheeled passion) as I found over the few years I just wasn't enjoying it like I used to..never mind the aching.. Years ago I owned several mantas. My first was a citrus yellow with black bonnet...auto though...I had that back in the 80's. Years later I also owned a metalloc black GT/E coupe with the Irmscher kit, so it looked like the Exclusive. I also had another coupe GT/E in white with the white alloys and checked interior...total Jason and Kylie. It had a 2.2 Carlton engine if i remember correctly. Ive signed up because for years Ive wanted to get back into an A Series. A couple of years ago, a member on here advertised a stunning yellow A series that had been beautifully restored but I'd not long bought an expensive Impreza. My dream would be to find that car again, or something similar...Deffo has to be A series..my fave colours are yellow, blue or orange.. A resto mod would be cool. My weekend toy is currently a Mini Cooper S R53 John Cooper Works (the fake BMW Mini) in British Racing Green..Another car I fancied ticking off the list. Im not usually a fan of FWD, never have been, but I have to admit, the Mini is an absolute riot to chuck about. The Supercharger whine sounds immense, and although it only has about 210hp (at the moment), it has very short gearing so picks up well once it's spinning, has very direct steering with a quick ratio..only about 3 turns lock to lock. The thing can be thrown around like a rag doll and you can drive the wheels off it on the open road without constantly having to be at daft speeds. Anyway, I'll be dropping in and re acquainting myself with these cars. I had mostly happy times in them...a fair bit of tyre smoke, and a lot of exhaust smoke...I'll talk about the gurgling noises in the C pillar and the swimming pool in the boot another time. Hope to catch up with you sometime.
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