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  1. Loved my old black berlinetta 1.8s.....totally cool car.
  2. Ha rodded gasser riley! Yep tyres are period... suspension front is torsion bars no springs as such...back is cart springs...no brake servo...and...hydraulic drum FRONT ONLY...push rod ...yep push rod back brakes. Add no seat belts suicide doors n sharp things...aim is more at being able to maintain 55mph up hills...(instead of max 25/ 30 ha) rather than faster top speed. Back in the day top speed of 2.5 riley was 95! Straight line only though! Manta engine is 95hp over the original 50hp...good enough for me! Sorry yes standard manta box so no cut n shut mix n match. And manta flange on front of standard length riley propshaft.
  3. https://photos.app.goo.gl/AX6CYfkY8FTDEsZa8https://photos.app.goo.gl/CqJcVWXMH39fB5g68
  4. Failed to upload opel riley images! And why opel? One of the last simple carburettor powerful light economical easy repair/ parts availability RWD engines still available...no ecu or sensors or injection system. Far more driveable car than with original 50hp riley lump...famous for blowing head gaskets eating fuel n going slow!
  5. Thanks all. Its a 1.8s identical to gtepete image above. So I'll go for a spares kit of all ignition parts...ignition unit, coil, condenser, plugs, dissy head rotor arm, umm...and fit a new diaphragm in the cam driven pump....engine already has new cam belt...but pump does not look new....however about a foot between fan belt and 1953 riley rad! Loads of room!
  6. Thanks...defo 1.8 ohc from greeters attached image above...90hp carburettor. Just needing to find out if there are variations in spares for the 1.8 ohc that I need to learn of before ordering ignition spares.....coil ignition unit rotor arm condenser etc...or are all 1.8ohc engine parts the same over the years of production?
  7. Thanks. Pick your brains further...obvious spare parts to assemble for a long drive would be? ..plugs, ignition unit..(likely to be only one type available for the 1.8? ) rotor arm, fan belt, err...condenser if they have one and coil? Anything im missing?
  8. Hi. I have a 1953 riley re powered by opel manta! Lovely smooth engine and 5 speed box. (I also have the original riley tank engine!) . Im hoping to identify year/ model of manta to make up a spares kit before a long europe drive (yep post covid!) . The only info I have is 5 speed box, carburettor...engine number 1.36.1305626. And fan belt 6219 mc belt. Timing belt 5101. I have tried and failed to find a comprehensive list of engine numbers...and possibly...this engine was from Poland...maybe.... can any member help steer me to year and model to help when I buy spares?
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