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  1. here the serial : SERIAL NUMBER Ok, i will ask for camshaft pic and for discount. so if everything will be nice, i will need to find the manifold for that enginge and the carburater. Do you know if the engine support fits same of Manta A?
  2. Please look the photo and video at the links: this is my Manta, i have it just from 1 week, and it's not in good condition, but i will care of it. ENGINE PHOTO PLATE MODEL DATA ENGINE VIDEO About the back axel, i don't know. I tried to search online for information, but i did not find nothinig. I found an engine near where I live, it's from OPEL GT 1969 - it's 1.9 OPEL GT ENGINE 1.9 OPEL GT ENGINE 1.9 (PIC 2) SERIAL The price is 500€, need a revision as he said and miss the manifold and the carburetor. What do you think about it?
  3. Thank you everybody for reply and for advices, 😄 I know that i will need to change the engine and the gearbox, but about the rest I didn't know.. I thuoght the guy on picture chose the 2.2i because the engine would had the same support and sizes of the original. Yes, now i realized that it's hard (for me, as I don't know enough about mechanics) Evo03, no i am not restricted, but i woud find an engine which suits good with the hood interior space and if possible with the same support of the original one. Yes, i want to increase the power but don't want to start expensive and long time works.😪 Do you know a car with 2.0 engine or bigger which is mostly compatible with Manta A?😅
  4. Hello everybody! I am Rick from Italy, i just bought an Opel Manta A 1971 wiht 1.2 engine because in italy it's really hard to find a 1.6 or 1.9. I plan to replace the engine because 1.2 is really poor of power. I saw online some Manta A with 2.2 Injection engine, somebody know if i need to modify the structure of the car or the engine fits well ? and moreover, from which car comes the 2.2 injection? maybe Opel Rekord 1985? Please look attached pic ENGINE PICTURE
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