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  1. That's brilliant Sutty, Thanks very much indeed. The car is stored near Newport, Shropshire, so I could run it the 20 miles up to Stoke next weekend or the weekend after if that might suit you? I'm available from Friday afternoons over the weekends to Monday evenings. I will PM you. Many thanks again. Colin
  2. Thanks Mickfrad, very informative. I know my car car sold after an ACA auction in Kings Lynn in April 2018 for somewhere near it's lower estimate of £13k, so I have an idea of its value today, but I need an official club valuation for insurance purposes. https://www.glenmarch.com/auction-cars/show-backup-image/41283/results As we know its important to have agreed value insurance for our increasingly valuable old cars, because otherwise insurers will pay only a fraction of their true value in the event of total loss. Thanks again.
  3. Hello everyone, and thanks for accepting my membership. I bought this very nice 1971 Manta 1.6S in 2019. This is a rust free low mileage car (36k miles - 59k Km). It spent the first half of its life in Italy before coming to the UK in the 1990s. I imagine it may be known to the club. I love this car. I have always wanted one since the 70s and will ensure its continuing careful preservation in standard form. I may fit some alternative period option Rallye wheels but that will probably be all. Any other slight modifications will be fully and harmlessly reversible. I served my apprenticeship in Vauxhall engineering in Luton in the early 80s and have a small collection of rare 60s and 70s Vauxhalls also including two rare Viva HB GTs, a very early prototype Firenza (the world's oldest known Firenza) and two very rare VX series 490s. I'm seeking advice about obtaining a club valuation for my Manta for insurance purposes. I have tried to contact admin and have requested membership of the club Facebook page but I'm aware the Manta club will be volunteer run and that requests may take some time. Can anyone assist in pointing me in the right direction for a club valuation? I live in Shropshire and have family near Chepstow on the South Wales / Gloucestershire border, if valuations are done by regional club representatives. Many thanks, Colin
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