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  1. Thanks Herman, Very interesting reading. Out of the 245 reported 400's , was this just the road going cars or is this the total cars produced including Road and Rally. Those anybody know what is the expected number of road going genuine 400's remaining.
  2. Thanks Jess, Yes I was thinking Holland, Belgium or Germany would be the correct spot to Market the car, Any idea have any changed hands lately and what kind of prices. Thanks,
  3. Hi Guys, I have a Manta 400 (widebody) and im considering selling the car. I have been searching the internet to get some comparable values but cant seem to find any for sale. Any idea what a genuine Opel manta is valued at these days. Car is in very good condition with no signs of rust. Probably needs a respray back to white if cars was reach its full potential. 59,000 Kms. Do 400's in Holland or Germany fetch more than in the UK? Thanks,,,
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