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  1. Just got a quick look but very nice looking car 👌
  2. Hi Mike, Not a holiday I'm afraid, 3 weeks stuck in the middle of the North Sea 🤕 That wasn't you I saw driving away from Bicocchis in the white Manta GT/E on Tuesday evening was it? 1/2 an hour earlier and I was in my Manta away to wrap it up for the next 3 weeks.
  3. Hi Mike, Where did you see me, sorry if I didn't wave back. That would be great to meet and get some advice. I am away on Wednesday for 3 weeks but can contact you when I get home. Cheers.
  4. I'll have a look, I thought the front was a bit low and needed new springs to lift it in line with the rear, I will check it out thanks. That's what I was thinking. 👍
  5. Thanks for the welcome, does anyone have any information or history on the car, I have a big file with the car but haven't had time to read it yet. Is the claimed 32,000 miles genuine.
  6. Thanks Jonathon, I would upload them if i could figure out how
  7. Hi All, Thanks for the welcomes, I still have the V5 at home so will check the previous 2 owners (3 in total) when I get home from offshore tomorrow. The reg ends CYD if that helps identify it. Any information on the car would be very much appreciated. I bought it from a couple of guys in Glasgow who deal in top end classics, they bought it recently at auction not realising it had a couple of paint and running issues so just moved it on at a bit of a loss . It has been left outside and the paint had faded, someone has buffed through to the primer on the sunroof and tailgate and the rest of the paintwork felt very rough, there are rust bubbles starting along the front edge of the bonnet and a few marks on the bumpers. The car was also running rough. Apart from that the car seems pretty much immaculate. When I got it home I checked for the rough running and it was a perished vacuum pipe on to the carb, sorted that and it is running sweet now. 2 polishes (3 on the bonnet) and the paintwork has come back fantastic and is more than presentable now. A new pair of new old stock rear spax shocks fitted as well to stop the bouncy rear. I am delighted with the car.
  8. Hi All, I have just purchased a red 1988 Opel Manta 1.8GT with 32,000 miles. Great condition (but will require at least a top end respray at some point). Looking forward to getting to know the car and visiting the site. Cheers, Steve.
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