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  1. Good to see this as I start on mine I will probably have similar questions. 🙂
  2. Thanks Jas, I am not planning on modifying the silver one as such. Just want it driveable as had too many unusable projects in the past. Bronze car is going bare metal upwards restomod so it can donate parts to keep silver going.
  3. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  4. Got the 2nd car home today. Bit rougher but still a solid car. Is the Twin choke webber a standard item or aftermarket? Also facet fuel pump which is bypassing std pump I guess.
  5. Got the first car home today. Drove off the trailer and onto the drive. Moments later a young woman asked if she could take a picture of it as it was "Cool, not seen one of them before!"
  6. Hi everyone, My name is Bruce from Westbury Wiltshire and I have just agreed to purchase a pair of South African 1972 Manta A's. One is a running driving car, the other is a bit more of a parts car. I don't have any pics yet but plan on taking lots of pics or even videoing the lives of these cars. I used to own a Manta B lhd 1.3 engined GT/J when I lived in Germany in the early 2000s which I upgraded to a 1.8 and 5 speed box before its untimely demise in an accident. I plan to use all the best bits to keep the runner at its best and maybe turn the parts car into a restomod as it has soooo many original parts missing. Any help and advice will be gratefully received. I am a mechanic of over 30 years and now teach mechanics to the military so I know my way around a workshop but not the Manta A specifically.
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