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  1. Don't knock Gold, I used to have a Gold Berlinetta in the 1980's before I could afford the insurance on a GTE, and then when I reached the average mans utopia of Manta ownership, a GTE Exclusive I had to sell it when I moved to N.I. as the insurance was £1,000/year. There are only two things that get better as you get older, wisdom and car insurance.
  2. Just found this in the archives, is the register still running and can you still access it? Thanks for any info on registering
  3. Last few jobs done, full service complete and MOT booked. Fingers crossed should be back on the road next week.
  4. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  5. Know how you feel, lost 6months on mine last year, and mine is nowhere near as big a project as yours. Some good work you are doing there, and big respect for the self taught welding and painting.👍 Got back to mine in last couple of weeks and now really motoring, despite the set backs you always seem to get. Should be going for a MOT this week😊 Good luck and keep going
  6. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  7. Hi Wayne You could try this guy, not sure if he’s a club member but has a shed load of manta stuff https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/opel-manta-Ascona-Mk1-Cavalier/185739766212?pageci=d453348e-3cb8-481c-af72-a2d061aab178&redirect=
  8. Thanks Jonathan, it was a bit of a risk as I thought it may be hiding something but no problems underneath. I agree it looks much better, without the black and even better when polished with the DA. The bigger issue is the previous owner has painted the gap above the rear lights and back infill panel with black paint. Will have to see if I can cut it back to blue! I may have to take the lights and panel off to get at it!
  9. I’ve had multi car policies before and generally found them to be cheaper, and certainly a lot easier to administer. I think you do have to keep an eye on the pricing though, as my last company (one of the majors not CVI) did suddenly become significantly(50%+) more expensive last year after 3 or 4 years of being way cheaper than anyone else. So I am currently back to individual policies, but will look to add cars to the CVI policy when the policies are due for renewal and take a view. I think the benefits with specialist like CVI and others (Eg my TVR is through Manning’s) they are much easier to deal with wrt modifications and agreed values.
  10. I had a good chat with Tom yesterday, and got what I thought was a decent price, so on cover from next Monday, with agreed value on the basis of 6 photographs. A good result, thanks guys👍
  11. However as ever something else went wrong. Just trying to start for the first time in over a year, and found the steel petrol pipe had split in the jacking point! Decided to replace the steel pipe with some 5/16 Kunifer (Copper/Nickel) far easier to work with than steel, and not going to rust. However when I checked my "vintage" Sykes Pickavant 230M flaring tool kit I only had dies for 3/16 and 1/4😠 Seems impossible to get new dies for such an old tool, so just bought a cheapo off Amazon. So while waiting for the kit to arrive decided to do a bit of body work. There was a strange film/ marking on the roof, not sure what it was but an hour with the DA, a firm pad and some Autoglym Rapid Renovator Plus sorted it. Note the mark on the paintwork near the sunroof is actually a reflection of the light sensor on the garage roof. (God knows why the builders install these, had to disconnect it as the lights would go off the minute you got under a car. Some people actually like to spend a long time in their garage🙂) Finally one for Jonathan, whose advice when I bought the car was "The first thing I would tackle is removing the black from under the rear bumper!", I've eventually got round to cleaning it off. I'm not sure why this was done but somebody has done a very professional job, its under the bumper, and very neatly done. While its messy removing it I can't really knock it as all this underseal and waxoyl has kept the body work fairly rust free except for a few rust spots starting to bubble on the roof and bonnet. TBH it just cleaned off with white spirit and a kitchen sponge to leave some nice Monaco Blue paint. I'll need to get it resprayed at some point but focusing on mechanicals first. So just a few jobs left so hoping for a MOT next week. I have therefore had a chat with CVI to get it back insured and have a good price with an agreed value based on 6 photographs, so thank you Ian and Tom.
  12. So, got a bit more time on the Manta this week. Started replacing the old fuel hoses with some new SAE30JR9 hose, having just had a fuel injection fire on the TVR a useful precaution😉, and just in case the Super Unleaded has some Ethanol in it. Fuel pump covered in waxoyl/underseal, so all removed for clean and paint. Two of the bobbins had failed so replaced those as well. Next was the Sportex exhaust, these seem to be the cheapest and easiest exhaust to get these days however I can't say I was impressed with the tail pipe. I know the Japanese tuning world has moved everybody into ridiculously large tailpipes, but I didn't think it looked right on a 1980's car driven by someone the wrong side of 50. Back in the day a 2 inch exhaust was an upgrade (I only had 2.5 on the rally car), and the rest of the system is only 2 inch in any case. I would rather be all trousers and no show😜 Did a trial fit and mocked up a 2 inch pipe for comparison So off with the big end and replaced with a universal 2 inch Jetex stainless pipe for Advantage Motorsport which is just round the corner. Just need to cut to length and knock up a hanger for the tailpipe
  13. Not sure what exactly you are after but this guy on eBay may be able to help https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/opel-manta/185738472928?hash=item2b3ee02de0:g:PekAAOSwKSBjnC4X&pageci=1ab04052-85c4-4388-8b38-8895e0f8eb36&redirect=mobile
  14. Hi Lewis, thanks for the reply. Sent you a PM Thanks
  15. May be a long shot but was wondering if anybody had a spare 1.8 Getrag 240 they would consider selling I’ve got an opportunity on an XE but want to get the gearbox sorted I’m living in hope😊 Many thanks
  16. Hi evo03 LSD is from Gripper Diffs, basically a ZF type plate diff. They will custom build so I've gone a half way between road and race preload. They are very helpful, and have rebuilt a few LSDs off the rally cars. Website:- is gripperlsd.com Couldn't face removing all the underseal/waxoyl off the underside of the body so replacing like for like. I'll keep the mechanicals painted. Need to touch up the paintwork and polish. Its got some staining on the roof so hope it will polish out. May have to get it resprayed if not Once I get it back on the road, I'll start rebuilding the 2.4cih I've got sat in the corner of the garage by the fridge🙂
  17. Hi John, welcome to the madhouse. Enjoy, rebuilding is as much fun as driving😜
  18. Rear discs fitted, Sportspro polyurethane bushes and all the other suspension arms torque tube etc painted More cleaning during reassembly. I actually thought the seat platform rubbers were badly deteriorated and would need replacing, but a bit of cleaning and they are like new. The bolts were similar, the heads had rusted, but pretty much all the plating still intact, not bad for a 36 year old car. Axle back on and Bilsteins/springs installed Brakes bled, and the car back on all 4 wheels for the first time in a year or so. Next steps, new Sportex exhaust as the old one has badly corroded internals (the silencers were virtually full of rusted steel dust), clean the fuel pump, fuel lines and replace all the flexibles fuel pipes. Then a full service, DA polish, fresh fuel and a MOT. Hoping to be on the road by March as have a touring assemble planned. It will be good to have a run out, the first in over 20 years🙂
  19. Next to fit the LSD. I decided to stick with the 3.44:1, something I may live to regret, and could be a problem as a 3.44 differential does n't fit a 3.67, 4.22 or 4.75 crown wheel. I also had a problem dropping the crown wheel on as I couldn't get it lined up before it shrank and seized on the diff. So I had to press it off and start again. I normally use boiling water for heating up the crown wheel, but took no chances the second time and stuck it in the oven at 250oC. Gave the wife a shock! I also got some long bolts to line up the holes as the mounting bolts are quite short. (note just using the press as a workbench to hold it while I get it all lined up, it was hot!) Diff reinstalled and axle painted Half shafts with long studs and rear disc conversion brackets fitted
  20. Episode 2 Well I have a bit of time over Christmas and New Year to get the rear sorted I actually dropped the rear axle off on the 3rd July, but then got Covid, and the return of the TVR have taken up a lot of my spare time. A slight diversion but I had a bit of a scare on the TVR. The throttle bodies on a 4.5 ltr Cerbera are rubbish, so I had some custom manifolds made for a set of 4 x 48 twin DCOE Jenvey throttle bodies. They look really nice, but it needed some work to make a linkage and connect to the air intakes which was proving to be a pain. However rushing to get it finished I nicked an injector O ring and didn't notice before I started it up and 2 seconds later a bit of a fireball in the garage under the house🤯. Luckily I had a fire extinguisher to hand so no damage done, but a day and a half of stripping and cleaning to get all the extinguishant out of the engine bay was a pain in the ar$e, and it so abrasive I had to DA the paintwork to remove some the scratches where it had settled on the paintwork. So I've shelved that project for a while🙂 Back to the Manta, well as everything else the rear axle was covered in underseal and waxoyl. I also had one broken spring, which is no issue as I'm upgrading to fast road progressive springs (250/180 lb/in). Full spec includes a Gripper Diffs plate LSD, Bilstein shocks and a disc brake conversion. I much prefer an old fashioned plate diff rather than the Quaife gear type or Torsen viscous type. While a bit more brutal they are a lot more predictable, and confidence is worth at least a second a mile😜. While the underside is an awful sticky mess, it really has helped preserve the car Cleaned up the axle and removed the standard diff
  21. Hi Dave, welcome onboard looks like a really nice car and only 27k miles. Good luck, lots of help and advice on here when you need it Have fun
  22. Externally looks nice but as Herman says the underside needs work, and the roof panel. would be good to know what the rest of the spec is. Obviously it’s an XE but is it tuned or standard on Webers. What gearbox is it running. Axle looks like standard Manta with drum brakes, but is there an LSD or higher ratio. Front brakes are vented but look like sliding calipers, Carlton? Is it MSA log booked? There are some nice touches too, alloy catch tank, rose jointed panhard rod etc. There are a couple of OMOC stickers does anybody know the car?
  23. It’s the only way I’m going to own one of these😊 (well it’s my son’s, honest)
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