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  1. I have a spare Manta B auto propshaft if needed.
  2. Lovely I’m good with a rattle can not as good as Banksy tho Assume it has the large and small outlet holes on top of the cover? Let me know how much and how to pay pls.
  3. IanG

    Cavalier Coupe

    Thanks used this as an excuse to buy some bendy ring spanner’s see if they fit.
  4. For a carb engine with two breather pipes
  5. IanG

    Cavalier Coupe

    Went to put a new Weber twin choke on the Cav today, tried to remove the rocker cover to get at the last nut holding the carb on and someone has used a sealant instead of a gasket. Not only is it stuck firm but also will probably bend trying to get it free. Any ideas how to free it up?
  6. IanG

    Rear Axle

    I need a 3.67 rear axle in good condition if anyone has one for sale, to fit 1976 Cav Coupe Auto, need this to keep mine on the road!
  7. Here’s another built in Ghent 1976
  8. IanG

    Cavalier Coupe

    Yep sounds good, Aurora at Rotherham, nice chap to deal with too
  9. IanG

    Cavalier Coupe

    CAD file and pictures posted under Suppliers and links
  10. IanG

    Cavalier Coupe

    CAD file to follow, the unit price just for printing around a tenner each.
  11. IanG

    Cavalier Coupe

    Yep hope they come up nice may do the door lock surrounds as well they are really faded
  12. IanG

    Cavalier Coupe

    Door trims printed look good, just need paint
  13. IanG

    Cavalier Coupe

    Deal if you can relist I will buy it now cheers!
  14. IanG

    Cavalier Coupe

    Matthewsons have a 1978 blue Cav Coupe up on 10th Sep estimate £6,500 to £8,500, looks nice and original.
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