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  1. Hi mate I have two new ones. A mattig and a trever Lewis. I don't get on here much so give me a text or ring on 07977950044.
  2. Hi mate I'm not on here much so sorry for slow reply. I'm taking the wing to billing if your going?
  3. No mate I haven't got your email or pm.
  4. How much you looking mate?
  5. Hi I'm looking for a senator 24v injector holder/manifold has anyone got one or that can point me in the right direction of finding one. Many thanks Callum
  6. Hi mate I have one not sure on how good but it want be a shitter as I kept it I'll dig it out and have a look for you.
  7. I'm looking for a 2.2/2.4 ecu as I'm converting my Ascona b to 2.4 injection but using 2.2 loom if anyone could help me ASAP as I'm wanting the car ready for total retro on the 11th of May. If anyone has one please ring 07977959044 or text as I don't get on here much Many thanks callum
  8. Please can you let me know the price of a new chrome rear bumper including postage .Thanks.
  9. Hi julian .Sorry for the delay in getting back to you . Please can you tell me how much a rear chrome bumper would be for a manta b sr.Plus does the bumper come complete with the rubber stip and overiders.
  10. I'm looking for a set of good chrome front and rear bumpers for a manta b sr so has to have the squirters in for head light washers. In anyone has a set let me know on here or you can ring me on 07977950044. Many thanks Callum
  11. And I have a Ascona b boot lid if yours is goosed.
  12. Hi mate I think I have all of the bits to make it an Ascona if your thinking of going down that route. I know I have o/s/f wing bonnet front panel grille headlights I may have a pair of wings. But loving the rat look
  13. They are for a coupe never trying to edit the description
  14. Yea I've got it I'll get on it for you I also have an infill panel but not sure if it's for a coupe or hatch
  15. Hi I'm looking for a set of commodore rear axle arms the ones where the springs sit if anybody could help or has them? If so please ring or text on 07977950044
  16. I have a bonnet here at my unit but needs a fair bit of work from what I remember
  17. Okay thanks mate I'll have a look
  18. Hi mate where did you get you engine mount bobbins from? Cheers Callum
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