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  1. Where abouts in Devon are you? Will be in Tiverton this Friday evening with the van and would love the glass. Do you have a windscreen as well?
  2. Hi Ben and Welcome. Regatta Blue. Very nice. My 1st Cav was identical except it was a 1600GL. Fond memories! Be good to see you and the car at Billing.
  3. Hi Alex. Yes mine arrived too. Lots of nice shiny bits. I'll let you fit yours first then you can tell me any problems you encountered!
  4. Thanks Alex that was a great help. Just ordered one too
  5. Yes I too have the Varajet. I guess its a matter of personal preference whether to choose manual or auto choke. I would always choose manual. More control and I guess easier fitting. Please do keep me informed with your progress. Cheers.
  6. Thanks for posting this. Have been searching the web for ages trying to find a webber kit for mine. Didn't think they existed anymore. Would this be the 32/36 DGV in the kit?
  7. Hi Dave. Likely the tank breather has split / perished. Had the same problem with mine at Billing last year. Still haven't got around to fixing it!
  8. That is Gorgeous. Looks like a scared cat but still very gorgeous.
  9. Its a common place for them to go. Both doors had rusted there on mine when I first got her. Would recommend to anyone chucking a load of waxoyl in that area to help prevent future rusting.
  10. Sorry Mick. Meant 2005 not 1995. So the pics are from 7 years ago.
  11. Very nice Mick. Love the colour. That car was for sale in the Westcountry a few years back and I was very tempted. Pics from then ( 1995 )
  12. This is very interesting. Maybe its where I live or the fact that I've turned the big 40 but my insurance has gone down this year on both the car and van. Bmw 325i with Swift cover £233.32. iload van £332.84 with Direct line ( Business use ) Manta last year was £108.00 with RH insurance. Renewal due in July so will be interesting to see what that comes in at.
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