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  1. Thats the one I found so was right :-) Cheers see you Monday
  2. Can you confirm the address for the meet... Just looked for the Gap Inn and think I know where it is but all the menus are different so wasnt sure its the right one :-)
  3. Deposit paid :-) Thanks again
  4. Seems like a good night to make a reappearance :-) Can I book for myself and Emma :-)
  5. I know this car and did some work on it. Yes it needs sill and chassis rail work... There is always a bit more than first though when you strip a car and start poking with a screwdriver. It was sold with no MOT and needing work and as you stated when it was delivered you were happy with it. Its a shame it needs quite so much doing but patches and repairs are the norm if its a daily drive, any old car will need serious work if its a good restoration you are after even ones that look good to start with. I have known the seller of this for a long time and have bought cars from him myself with no problem, I have always found him to be a fair honest Cavalier enthisiast.
  6. As the title says Im after a B series radiator 1600 or 2 litre ideally local to Lincolnshire for collection...
  7. Not really spotted but there are a couple of Sapphire Blue GL saloons here, mine and Andys. Seems to be a few decent cars around here.
  8. It was me who waved today Ben in the little Fiat, first Manta I have seen for years on the road!
  9. Just seen this post, yes its my old car now driven by Joe my Step daughters boyfriend and they both love it. Has turned down offers to buy it and its done 10k miles in the last year in all weathers with no trouble other than both rear tyres shredding! Maybe the 1600 was too much for the Good Years lol
  10. Mk1 Cav passed the MOT now need to Tax it while the sun is out!

    1. Scribe of Lincoln

      Scribe of Lincoln

      Excellent. Going to Billing?

    2. Mick


      Might go for the day on Sunday we will see

  11. Do you need shorter shocks with a low front end? I have removed the bump stops from mine but the shocks bottom out before the comes hit. I was thinking of Chevette ones as I seem to remember they are shorter?
  12. Sorry I couldnt make the March meet... but the April one should be ok and I hope to be there in the Mk1 Cav!
  13. Well 6 months on stepdaughters Boyfriend still has this cav and loves it, even turning an offer down to buy it for more than he paid. He is only 20 but doesnt like new cars Its a daily driver so is a bit filthy after the recent weather but he did have fun with empty snow covered car parks He is saving for a respray but enjoying it for now as it is.
  14. Brought this back up as it had slipped due to nothing been done on it. Hope to start again and get the front end finished, then its sills and arches.
  15. Nice find, and even better being a non sunroof. If I had found something like this it would have had a car put on its roof 10 mins before, Im not that lucky
  16. Thanks mate Its not a minter it was stripped of all the shiny bits for another car and was facing an uncertain future. I got hold of it and put it back together and satin blacked all the chome parts which had been scuffed and painted in the past, I think it suits it. Its getting lowered 55mm and is now on a set of 6x13 Minilite style wheels as I borrowed the ATS Cups to try them. It has a black recaro interior with harnesses and a decent stereo... Thanks for the compliment
  17. Its one of the unusual things they see I expect so dont know...
  18. I may not be able to make this due to Emma having hospital treatment during the day...will see how she is feeling later on.
  19. VIN plate missing isnt an MOT issue at this age of vehicle. As long as the stamped number is still there it will pass
  20. Best colour interior in my opinion
  21. The Vauxhalls had all silver wheels and Opels had black inserts... thats how I undersand it. GLS cavs had 5.5J rims and all silver. Not sure about the paint code, there may be another plate with a series of numbers on the inner wing.
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