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  1. Graphics fitted in same style as the Ascona 400r:
  2. Checked at the weekend there, they are 225/50/15's on it, probably is a very slight stretch on them but nothing major. Got the graphics refitted too: ][
  3. Running 8" up front and 9" on the rear. From memory the tyres are 255/50/15 but I must check that the next time I am out, they may be 225!!
  4. Thanks all, really happy with the black bits on the bumpers and back panel, was very unsure whether to do it or not, but think it all works well with the darkened headlights. When you see it painted, makes me realise just how badly it needed it, so much sharper looking now.
  5. And its home, debating on leaving it plain white and no graphics?
  6. Sister got married on Saturday and used the Mantas as the transport, thankfully they made the 200 mile round trip 100%!!
  7. Few more from last night:
  8. Ascona is now white again, been a complete nightmare getting to this point, it kept reacting and cracking primer, has been taken down to bare metal 3 times now! Got there in the end.
  9. AMG

    Manta B GT/E

    Yeah this was Drews/Callums car!
  10. AMG

    Manta B GT/E

    Its advertised to see what happens, not pushed to sell, but we have too many cars and something has to give at some point!
  11. AMG

    Manta B GT/E

    Finally got the Manta registered, big thanks has to go to Steve Hancock for his help with that! Took a lot of trial and error, but got there in the end! Got the plates on today, so was all set to take it on a drive, but the car had other ideas! The starter decided not to play ball, so have it removed and hopefully get a new one on Monday! Picture of it stuck in a messy garage as that's as far as it got.
  12. Now that the Manta 400r is pretty much complete, we thought it was time to turn our attention to the Ascona 400r. Car is in fairly good nick, but the paintwork never really pleased us, so its getting a full rub down and new coat of white. Undecided whether or not to do it exactly as it was before, or to paint numberplate/rear light surround, bumper stripes etc in black. Stripping started:
  13. Car made it out for its first show last weekend, weather was good so thought why not!
  14. Fitted the kit myself, all just a straight swap over. Never sent my old shafts back, as the money it was going to cost to send them back made it not worth the hassle. That is the price of them, but I got them at the time of the great exchange rate, which helped a good bit! possibility I might change the axle, not wide enough with the 8" rear wheels and spacers at the minute!
  15. MOT passed tonight, wont be taxed until start of May, looking forward to getting it on the road!
  16. My 400 rep started off as an SRB the same as this, although there wasn't many original parts left on it before I started. If there is anything you may need, give me a shout. Be nice to see one saved in original trim!
  17. AMG

    Manta Petrol Cap

    Bump, still looking and could actually do with 2 if I could get them!
  18. it was one of Martins kits we used. 5 stud kit is Erwin Peters, axle repair shop, or classicopel.net, so far seems to be dead on. http://www.autoschade-peters.nl/ interior in
  19. Would love a Risse engine, but mega money. To be honest the CIH in it wont be used to its full potential really which was the main reason for not even doing a red top conversion. Added the 40's for a better sound!
  20. I will get you my measurements if you want, but as I said we just taped up to where we thought looked like and went for it! Got the blitz retrimmed seats back now too so it is pretty much complete.
  21. I just used a matt black aerosol for the black bits. Front bumper was was as there is a natural line so painted up to it. Skirts were just done by eye from looking at pictures on line. Big problem with that is, no 2 cars seemed to be the same! I just ran with what looked like Opel press pictures for the Manta 400.
  22. AMG

    Ascona A Rebuild

    Have the Ascona out for another year, hopefully it will make it to Billing in July! Out at it's first show this year, Dubshed, a mainly VAG show, but had a section for other German makes this year. Came home with best other German car at the show which was unexpected with some of the other stuff there!
  23. This an early GTE, pre exclusive I take it? If it is a Nova one is the same if it makes the search easier!
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